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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mommy Moments: Sibling/Cousins Bonding

mommy moments

It's Friday once again and it's Mommy Moments time.
This weeks' theme is Sibling/Cousin bonding.

Picture was taken last August 14,2008. The first baby day out of KZ at KCC mall.
He is with Aunt Rosilie and cousin Yuri

This one was also taken last August with Aunt rose and Baby Jelai of Wisconsin.

Pipoy and KZ



Bill said...

Great pics here. They look very cute and adorable.

djtammy said...

Hi. Bill. Thanks. You are married right? no kids?

anne said...

the kids are super cute and the aunt is super pretty.

djtammy said...

Cute pag baby pa...hehehe
pag dako, mga dungol na kau!

Bill said...

yeah tammy i am. We have 4 but they are hers not mine.

eden said...

nice pictures of them, tam! and they are so cute. mingaw na sad ko ug months old nga baby..hehehe.. sige lang ko hulam sa akong pag umangkon diri..lolz

djtammy said...

Lingaw man ang baby te pag dako na dungol na kau..wala nay lami :))