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Sunday, March 22, 2009

St. Elizabeth Hospital in Gensan

This post is very unusual because I will be showing you the new St. Elizabeth Hospital in General Santos City. I will make some changes in my site , as you know I have been tackling about restaurant reviews now I will show you what GenSan have aside from Tuna and boxing champ Mr. P.

St. Elizabeth Hospital was build way back May 12, 1962 and soon they will celebrate their 48th years in service. As of now, they have 135 rooms. The expansion area has 18 private rooms, 15 suite rooms, 6 super suite rooms and 1 presidential room. They added new 40 rooms! At the left side of the Nurse station it has a lounge with HOT SPOT. You might be thinking that this is not a hospital but a hotel. Yes, the theme was to make it look like a hotel because this is the new trend now.

Presidential Suite
Meet the owner, Dr. Tony Veneracion
Me at his side listening attentively!

Receiving area from the Presidential Suite Room
Can you imagine how big it is? With Dining table, CR, Ref :-)
If Presidential suite in Manila will cost you Php 14-15,000
This room will just range from php 4-5,000!!!

Private Room
Private room has CR and couch :-) with flat screen TV

at the center aisle with ramiboi, rose, tanchi and sam :-)

Reception Area :-)
oh no! This is the Nurse station!
Dr. Veneracion is showing us the materials they will use on the wall!

The Group :-)

The St. Elizabeth hospital expansion will soon be open on March 30, 2009.
We are invited ofcourse. By the way, it took them 11 months to finished everything!
The architect is from Manila and one from Gensan.



MaxiVelasco said...

hi ha! i worked there for almost 2 years! i love the place actually. yung nga lang, toxic especially kapag may bombing! it happened many times during my shift, ha!

and remember the bombing in fitmart.. forgot the year.. siguro sometime in 2002 or 2001. di ko na sure. i was there. i mean, i was near fitmart. i just finished my weekly grocery thing. kasasakay ko lang ng tricycle when boom! grabe ang explosion. siguro, kung nahuli ako ng one minute lang, i was still there on the entrace/exit ng fitmart where the explosion happened. katakot ha!

when my parents learned about my near death experience at fitmart, they ordered me to return to davao na kaagad. but of course, it took me months before i finally decided to resign.

but you know... ganda ng st.elizabeth! do you work there ba? hello to sir tony. ewan ko if he still remembers me. hehe.

have a great day!

djtammy said...

Maxi, St. Elizabeth ka pala dati?!!! hehehe

Total expansion sila ngayon. Imagine 40 rooms ang dinagdag. puro sosyal pa talaga but affordable naman!

where was i during that year?lolz nasa manila yata ako that time! naku even now mga tao takot pa rin sa bomba! I have experienced the same thing pero sa zamboanga naman! I just bought an ice cream! pag tawid ko boom...people are running kasalubong namin puro dugoan! Ako feeling ko na bingi ako ng konti sa lakas!

sigh! but anyway, kahit san ka naman if ur destiny to die sa bomb mamatay ka talaga!

Just glad we are all alive now!!!

Take care maxi...muahugss

Cielo said...

sis, grabe sa kabonggahan ito....ganda noh.

sis inggit din me sa mga activities nyo dyan sa gensan ng mga bloggers noh, united tlg kayo...dito kasi sa manila may mga groups din e

anne said...

wahhh katakot naman ng experience mo maxi.... anyway ganda ng hospital ah parang hotel.... im sure may kamahalan din kung magpaconfine ka jan, is it true tam?

eden said...

nice kaayo Tam. ganahan ko sa curtain niya, mora sa hotel ..hehehe siguro mahal sad sa!

djtammy said...

Cielo, ang ganda talaga :-) Pag ikaw patient mag eenjoy yung stay mo....Very convenient sa loob...Kasi para may bellboy sila...tulad ng hotel :))

We get the chance to see each other often taz yung leader namin parati talaga may activity...kaya masaya.

djtammy said...

Ate anne, a lot cheaper compared sa Manila. affordable naman ksi may philhealth dba..taz yung presidential is just php 4000-5000 per night...para ka talaga nasa hotel....lalo na yung sa lounge :))

djtammy said...

Ate Eden, Affordable naman sya...Yun talaga ang gus2 nila gawing hotel like ang hospital ksi yun na raw ang uso ngayon...

emokiddo10 said...

wow! Naka-blog man dayon! Where did you get the pics? Sir Avel hadn't uploaded the pics I took pa yata...Ugh. hehe.

Grab ko yung pic na ako lang nakatingin sa cam ha,,, hehe.


djtammy said...

Ayel, hahaha...wla pa diay nila gi upload???

Ako lang man gikuha ni sa camera ni ate rose.hehehe

wala pa gani pod niya na post :-)