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Monday, March 2, 2009

Two Piece Designer Swimwear for 2009

Love month is over and Graduation will be on soon. In line with that is summer escapades. hehehe. Need to show off some skins? Here are some of my fave two pieces from
I am wearing my plain white two pieces with a see-through guess :-)



GAGAY said...

whew! i like (i want too) the blue and red swimwears..urgh!

Gagay, MD:-P

djtammy said...

Gagay, better purchase now at the site.lolz.

TJ said...

Thank you, for your recent comment in TJ's Bargain Closet ! So sorry to read that you are going through a rough time in your life right now ! Btw love the collection suits you have posted here !

uki thefenomenal said...

its a so sexy.,., like u tammy go to friendship with me my blog at

djtammy said...

Hi TJ. I have visited your blogs. Im lovin your post. Great fashion sense.

About what im going through right now :)) Im cool


djtammy said...

Uki, thanks :-) boasting my ego..bwahahaha

Love Lingerie said...

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