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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rape Victim Vs. My Ultimate Crush

Do you have any clue who are the people am I referring to with my title? I guess some of you knew. It was few years ago when I was planning to fly to Kuala Lumpur when we heard a shocking news that a pinay was raped by an American.

I was really thinking of visiting Lance Corporal Daniel Smith when I came back from my trip but I was not able to do that because I went to Pangasinan.

From the very beginning of the case I did not believe that Daniel raped the victim. But because of the private sectors and the government, we was put behind bars.

Court sentenced Daniel Smith lifetime imprisonment.

I am so pissed when I heard the news that the victim recant her testimony. But on the other hand I was glad because Daniel Smith can have his life back after being imprison for how many years.

Why am I pissed? My goodness, she was crying out load to the entire nation and to the whole world that she was raped and where is she now??? She is in the US!Getting married I think!
What she did now was a big slap to the Gabriella, Medico Legal and to the Pilipino people who supported her. What makes her mind change? "Bien makahuya gad to ya asi neng"! You could have flown away and keep your mouth shut! Why the heck recant your statement! I bet there was no rape incident!

At the first place, what the f...k are you doing in the American base ( Boar's Den)???
You knew what was going inside the base! I don't get it, your bf was a US military but you were there getting drunk, dancing with other men! After hearing some speculation from the people who were there during that time, he said, the incident happen inside the base not outside. Maybe after the happy hour they left and since you were drunk, you fall asleep and they found you that way! Then you claimed you were raped! lolz!

Neng, donde man to ara I bet tang enjoy gad to dikaw life. Imagine talye ya to ara na US. Cosa man yang offer el gobyerno ( Phil and US ) grande sin gayod? Tang enjoy kad to dikaw vida alye ara!Bien makahuya gad to! Imagine you used Smith for this shame so you can have a life in the US. You are just a night sucker for me! You know what, you could have just chat and meet another SMITH online than pretending to be raped!

Poor Daniel, he wasted few years in jail! Glad you are free now!



Bill said...

Very interesting article Tammy. I did not read about that one. I am ex military so i know a lot of things go on inside military bases. If he did not do it i feel so bad for him because if the just think that he did something. Then they take away all your freedom for a long time. Take care.

djtammy said...

Actually, "we" really don't know what exactly had happen during that night. Only the victim and Daniel can tell us the truth but the fact that the victim cried for help because she was raped and now she recant her testimony! It was a big slap to the people who help her to put Daniel in jail. To Daniel who was in jail for few years it was unfair! She wants settlement. she could have done it a long time ago! what a waste of peoples time!

Im so pissed! hehehe

Prettymom said...

I am surprised when i read it on yahoo news that Nicole is flying to US and recant her previous testimony. hay gwapo naman ni smith para mang rape hehehe..
i am wondering if you personally know Smith kay you mention man na u were planning to visit him when u get back from Malaysia

djtammy said...

Rose, he was detained in the US embassy :)) Ang gwapo nya ksi at crush ko talaga sya, kaya sabi ko noon sa ex ko, when i get back from my trip, i will find a way to visit him...hehehe

Guilty man sya o hindi the fact that he was put behind bars and now the girl recant her testimony parang its a waste of everybody's time!dapat she have done it a long time ago.

Star-chuu said...

Sexy tammy, hehehe...talagang gwapo sya...hmmmmm...
We don't know the whole truth, only the accused and the respondent know the truth...hope that this things is the lesson for them and for every individual who are planning to act this kind of crime, think the consequence

djtammy said...

Ate Star, gwapo talaga! hehehehe
Hay naku, basta for me, partly to be blame pa rin yung victim kuno! Kung matinong tao sya bakit sya gigimik sa Boar's Den!

Makipaglandian ba ei, may BF sya na US military din. Talagang alam nya kung ano meron don! Ako nga na taga mindanao lam ko kung ano meron sa mga ganyang lugar!

anne said...

Hehehe sabi nga nila kung itong gwapong ang mang rerape sa kanila ay magparape daw sila oi, kay gwapo jud lol amaw pud ni si nicole nganong gi change and testimony mura na nuon ug nalagay sa alangin ang pinas, gikataw anan nuon tag maayo haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Arnie :) said...

ang puso mo madam tammy hehe,glad that ur crush is free na ngyn. sayang nga lang talaga ung ginawa ng victim 'kuno' hindi nga din makaharap si Nicole sa camera.haayyy thats life oi,my mga tao talagang ganyan. tama ka kakahiya para sa mga pinoy ang ginawa nya.

djtammy said...

lolz. Te Anne, kung ito makipag landian sakin!!! GO :)) bwahahaha :))

it's just a shame na pinakulong natin yung tao ng medyo matagal tapos babawiin rin pla ng victim. She could have disappear without making any noise why the heck recant her testimony??Was it in exchange of her life in the US??!! Unfair with the people who help her! Kakatawa talaga tayo!

djtammy said...

Ms. A, naku nag iinit tenga ko sa kanya! Una pa lang naman hindi naman na pinakita mukha nya sa TV dba??!!

Lalo na siguro ngayon :)) Hindi naman talaga victim yun ei kundi si Daniel. Saka pwede naman sya gumimik sa labas ng American Base.bakit talaga sa loob? Sa Boar's Den pa ei puro mga low flying birds ang pumupunta don.

sweet_shelo said...

I share your rage Tam.. I hate users and scheming bitch like her.. I didnt believe too that there was rape incident that happened.. I'm just sad that some Pinays resorted to schemes like that just to earn money or get ticket to a greener pasture.. grabe..

djtammy said...

Gang, nakakahiya talaga siya! what would other people say about pinay! nakakasirang puri talaga sya!

I heard some speculation that a BIG Fish called sa president natin!

Well, even some politician say that there was no rape incident! Saka according to them, if she was not a bitch what the heck shes doing inside a Boars Den?!

Kakabadtrip talaga!wawa naman si Daniel! hehehe

Bill said...

Yeah i agree Tammy. If he really did not do it then she made him loose many years of his life for nothing. Thats just wrong in my eyes. Have a great week friend hugs

djtammy said...

Bill, really a waste! hehehe
Anyway, we can't turn back time! It was said and done! Glad it is over now!

'anniniput' said...

hmmmm same here ms. tammy! gwapo jud si smith... f i know si nicole tu nag birig-birig niya...!!! hmmmffff!

loka gat se mujer. de zamboanga pa gat le. onde gha se de ila casa? hmmm...pruba yo buska kabar man blog yo! LOL!

djtammy said...

Ann, hay naku if i know pumunta sya don para mag man hunt! hehehe

tampa arte lang kel ele! Naku, look at smith? ang gwapo, ang bata! no need mang rape!

Ang laki malamang binayad sa kanya para e recant yung statement nya....Zamboanga nga kaya badtrip!