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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blog Parasites

You must be wondering why I choose the title and what is the story behind my blog title.
First and foremost let us discuss what is the meaning of parasite in a broader aspect.

PARASITE means One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.

Lets continue, why blog parasites? as I continue mending my shattered brain because of my PR dropped to zero. I realized it is time to acknowledge the people who stick with me in times like this.

First, I would like to extend my two thumbs up to Maxi. She added me in her list even my PR was zero that time. She frequently gave me tips about why PR dropped. Oftentimes commented on my post. Recently made me a banner. Maxi has a PR 3 but didn't delete me in her list. You deserved PR 10. You are loved by your friends because you are very helpful without asking anything in return. The FREE ad space for 1 week in your site was awesome! Most of the bloggers here are asking for $3 to $5 to post banner in their side bars.

David, Dan, Angie, Arnie, Ritchel (Twinks), Lainy, Star, Lollii, Mary Ane, Ate Eden, Mommy Laine, Shelo, Mommy Rose, and the rest of the gang who keeps coming back to my page. Reading my post and leaving comments: Highly appreciated.

To My frequent visitors, Dorothy, Borneo, Budiawan, Ethan and the rest thank you so much guys. I will always return the visit.

and to ALL BLOG PARASITES. Muchos Gracias :)) You just added my link when I still have my PR 2. Now that I have a zero PR you deleted my link. I will return the favor! I will delete you also :))

Shame on you! You are one big parasite in the blogospheres. For you, making friends is just one way of meeting your ENDS, TO EARN!!!

kakahiya talaga kau!



Bill said...

I am new to your site here. I really like it. I dont plan on leaving either. To me it does not matter your PR. I come for the friendship. Have a great day. :-)

Dr. Lauren said...

I feel your pain. I have had the same thing happen to me, so I really started to become very selective with those who wanted to link.

djtammy said...

Hi Bill. Thanks I really appreciate it :-)

Just hating the fact that some bloggers just add me before bcoz i have PR2 and deleted my link when my PR becomes zero.

djtammy said...

Dr. Lauren, Thanks for dropping by. 1st time to hop in my page?

I started blogging last year (april) but I just add them and I don't know what can i get from that. I did not know it will boast my PR. It was just later I realized when my PR dropped to zero. A new friend name MAXI told me that they might have deleted my link. And she was right.

I don't choose my friends but this time, I have to be wise...hehehe

Jade said...

Hahaha! This is funny. I haven't added you yet but do you wanna xlinks with me?

Like Bill I don't care if you ahve PR or not -as long as you keep my links, I will keep yours too;)

djtammy said...

Jade, you sure?lolz

I will add your link to my friends list :-)


Jade said...

Heheh I don't spend much time deleting links but if I happen to check somebody's blogroll and I am not there, they will get deleted heheh!

Can you send me a picture of the shirts you wanna sponsor with?

samcj7 [at] yahoo dot com

djtammy said...

Jade, i added ur link..hehehe

naku do it. :))

twinks said...

Hi sis,
You're welcome sis. I added you up naman gani the moment I stumbled upon your site. Haay, there are some bloggers who are only here for earnings. It doesn't matter whether your blog has PR or not. What's important is you're having fun doing what you like, which is blogging and that you meet new friends online.

About Maxi sis, she's a real nice person, she's my college classmate and real-life friends. Kumare pud nako.hahaha..

Hoist..gusto mo himoan tika layout? kung gusto mo lang ha..libre oi..what are classmates for!

djtammy said...

@ Twinks: Thank you Chel :-( Personal blog lang man ni sauna. katong Feb lang nag start accept ng paid reviews.

Add lng pod ko og add.wala ko kabalo ako diay wla gi-add :))Tama jud si Maxi mga manggagamit yung iba..hehehe

About Maxi diay, i really appreciate the help. Na touch jud ko kay ginawan nya ako ng badge/banner. Dili man gud ko kabalo. Pati ning mga HTML. Si ate lang naga help.

Sus free layout? Ganahan kau ko hehehe :-) Basta natuwa ako sa gawa ni Maxi. Di ko lang lam panu ilagay..hehehe

Laine's Cutie Abode said...

ka isog ba ni mommy tammy oi. :) hala! go ipang delete na silang tanan! hehehe. pero mommy tammy ang wrinkles :)

you forget something, dili lang sila parasites, mga user pa sila. gigamit lang nila imong blog. may araw din sila. mga fangit sila :) :) :)

djtammy said...

@ Mommy Laine, FUNGOT man gud kau :)) Lami-lami jud sila ingon EX LINK? add ko rin sila taz ngayong zero na PR ko when I checked their site, deleted man ako..

Bwahahaha :)) mga user :))Isa-isahin ko lahat ng link ko...pag wla ako sa list nila, grrrrrrr delete agad :))

Congrats sa new layout mo...ganda :-)

Jade said...

Ok Tammy added na kita sa br pati sponsorship mo;)

Etong site ba na to for anf i link ko sa contest o yung dtore mo?

djtammy said...

Just use my own link not the store :)) sa sister ko yun ei :))

djtammy said...

Marami ngang blog parasites. I only wish people value people more than money or anything else. I guess this world is parasite-infested hahahahah! Well karma begets karma sis, so bahala sila sa buhay nila! We keep on blogging then we just avoid these parasites.

Written by: Rosilie

Star-chuu said...

Hi dj tammy, thanks for visiting me in the office, I am glad that we talked personally, sayang lang di mo naabutan boss ko. Anyway, being a new member of this blogsphere, since I started,I have only 1 follower, then become 4 to 7 but now back to 4...hehehe..but i never mind them, because you can seen only a true friends to those who are loyal to you and i just want to say sorry since, the last time you visited me, you left a message that you added me in your blogroll which I wasn't able to get through because I was out of town for three days. and just visit you here and shocked about the parasites...hehehehe.. the same i experienced...grrr..some bloggers didn't post my comments in their comment box and I noticed they haven't visited me till now and they deleted me in their links.....hehehe..paki ko...

djtammy said...

Ate Vilma, See you again tom. hehehe
Hay naku! All I do now is to check all my list if im not in their blog list..DELETE agad :))

Mga user :)) Friends come and go talaga but few remains! But The BEST!

Tammy said...

Google hit me too. :o(

djtammy said...

Tammy, i bet google hate the name TAMMY :)) that is why they hit us :))

Thanks for dropping by.

twinks said...

About sa layout sis, easy lang, tell me lang if gusto mo naa pic sa header, what color. Send me a pic na ipabutang nimo or graphics lang... himoan lang tika tapos tan-awa lang if nahan ka.. hehehe..

About anang ex-links, dati puno kaayo akong blogroll oi..pero lately akoa na ginahinay-hinay delete.La man pud naga visit ang uban gud, tapos ako gavisit ko sa ilaha. So karon, akong ginapili na lang, bahala dili kaayo daghan akong blogroll as long as nagavisit sa akoa ang blogger or at least man lang mo comment di ba?

Another reason pud sis why Mr. G will slap your PR is coz of opps...ako dati naka PR2..pero tong nidaghan akong mga tasks..nawala oi..hahaha... Haay..that's blogging life and downs..basta smile always lang ^_^

Forgetful Princess said...

Cge sa layout buzz tika sa imong site.

Nag hinay-hinay na gani ka gamay akong blog list.Maka badtrip man gud, may EX LINK ba na ako lang nag add? lolz

About sa PR it doesn't matter anymore. Mr. G can't stop me from blogging.Anyway, I started this blog into personal post lang tanan. So, I don't mind anymore. I will just enjoy blog hopping and meeting new friends.

Salamat kau sis :-)

written by:


Scotty's Princess said...

Wohoho! Bill is here! ;-)

That is very sad, Sexy Tammy.

My say? Let them be. They don't deserve you. Some people are really doing that trick. I do link up people in my blogroll eventhough I am not told to do so. I do it on my own volition. I need not be told. It's my way of saying THANK YOU to my loyal and faithful friends. Even if they don't link me up, that's OK with me. But because they are really my friends, i-link up man pud ko nila, hehe. That's blogging at it's best! The ethics of reciprocity, building rapport and camaraderie...

Smile girl! keep your cool! Pr or no PR, I'll be here...

BTW. did I say thank you for highlighting my name? Thanks so much for the mention! ;-)

All the Best.

Ana P. S. said...

Ah, with regards sa page rank. It is off and on. If your site/blog is new and you are good with ex-linking, blog hopping and submitting your site sa mga link directories for sure pwede ka ngang magka pr4. However, pr drops from 4-3-0 after a month nga lang for most eh. For some may 3-6 months long na magka pr, pero dahil sa well written posts yan at good contents education at attention grabber. Also, sa ex-linking, the more no pr blogs link to you the better chances you have na magka pr. Anyway, I thought na I'd share my 2 cents here.

djtammy said...

Lainy, mag change na ako ng djtammy sa Sexy tammy .lolz

I was pissed when I made this post. I was able to hop in to this PERSON. Whom I remember she said, EX LINK!! I added her link to my list and when I visited her yesterday it says" blogs with PR 2 & 3 are most welcome" I was looking for my link :)) GONE

Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore. Im just glad I have few friends left :-)

Thanks Princess Lainy

djtammy said...

Ana, Thanks for sharing. 3 to4 months before sya bumalik? WOW! That is way too long but I guess there some technique about it. My sister Rosilie, it came back after a week I guess. Anyway, its ok kahit no PR..hehehe

Thanks for the hop in :-)

anne said...

hehehe ganun pala un sis if ure zero na they will delete u as easy as that ngek kaya pala no one would exchange links with me na kasi pr 0 na din ako huhuhu pero don't care its not PR's who made me stay its the friends that i gain here in blogosphere.

djtammy said...

Ate Anne, sakin din. Dati ang dami.lolz

delete pa tlga nla ako kc nag zero na. bwahaha

David Funk said...

Hey Tammy,

You spoke for just about every single one of us about Maxi. She's been as helpful to me as anyone on-line and with my blog, and that's a fact. She selfless and is as caring as they come.

As far as the PR, mine is at zero, too. I don't tell others what to do with their blog, but it seems childish to remove someone because of rankings. I sort of wish PRs didn't exist because I wouldn't trade the friendships I've made outside my country on-line to boost my ranking on my blog. I don't see the point, but to each is their own unfortunately.

And thank you for your support of me and my blog. Your on-line friendship and kindness means way more than PR ever would.

But you may have given me an idea for a blog topic now.

Take care my dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi DJ, I think what happened to you is blind, but then, you dont need those ppl in your life. I have links on my blog of ppl that are not willing to link to my humble blog for what ever reason, but those links are interesting to me and I visit them from time to time. Also, I couldnt care less what a person's pr is, if he or she is linked to my site, they stay linked.
Thanks for the kind words you left in my shout box, really sooo sweet of you.
Hope you feel better now.

sweet_shelo said...

Thank you sis.. You will always be loved and supported by me.. God knows about the Parasites.. Shame on them..

djtammy said...

David, about Maxi :-) from the very beginning she was helpful to me. Those were the things I never expected from a newly met friend online.

About PR, its doesn't matter now. I still have few friends who stick with me even if I have zero. The friendship I have received from you guys are more valuable than the PR. They can delete my link for all I care..hehehe

take care always. Im just here to support you and your blog :-) with or without PR. I am not going to delete your link...

Ciao :-)

djtammy said...

Hi Colin, Thanks :-) You are right. I don't need them. I really appreciate the fact that you did not delete me even if i have a zero PR.hehehe

You will always be supported by me. I can't resist coming back to your blog. I envy those long legged legs you posted:)) hahaha

I love your Megan Fox! Tc

djtammy said...

Shelo, hehehe. Lab you gang. salamat

Katong nag delete sa akoa :) deleted na mo :))

MaxiVelasco said...

oh my gosh.. special mention? i'm blushing! i'm so touched. thanks tammy for this one and twinks and 'D (david funk). you all made me feel so appreciated. hope i can return the favour one day!

sorry if i wasn't able to drop by for a day or two. been so busy with everything... school, layouting my other blog ( ) and doing so many opps. again,sorry.

the reason why i don't choose who to add in my blogroll is that, if people consider exchanging links a way of increasing their blog's popularity, then i'll gladly exchange links with them. it's like a "i help them, they help me" thing. they increase their blog's popularity, while i increase mine in return.

just sad that people don't really follow the "exchange links" common sense. that's why it is nice to go through your blogroll list sometimes.

anyway, i am thinking of posting so much about blogging in my new blog as many are also sending me emails asking on how to improve their blogs... when honestly, i am also new to blogging as i just started on august 2008. and i am always willing to share my experiences.

ahhhh. before i forget, if you want to replace your badge on your entrecard, just go to your dashboard. below, you can your old entrecard and to the right, you'll find a button saying Edit. just click it and upload the new badge.

be sure that you've saved the photo/badge i've sent you on your computer. otherwise, you won't be able to upload a new one.

the reason why my badge is on your advertiser column is that i want to advertise on your blog. on the badge, you can see "accept" or "decline". it's up to you to choose. hehe.

bye bye na... essay na yata ito. hehe.

again, thanks to everyone who appreciates everything i do!

djtammy said...

Max, hehehe! Busy ka talaga :)) Imagine, ikaw ang last na nag comment. Just so lucky to met people like you. With twinks, known her in high school! Classmates :)) Mag kumare pla kau. no wonder u call each other as BRU!!! is this ur 3rd blog? I have visited the maxi's domain.

Peope are lucky to met u ksi you share your experiences. Saka san ka makakita ng free ad banner :))

Regarding with the entrecard.i tired it says error..96x96 lang yung nasave ko...I will try to save it sa 125x125..thank u..i have been thinking talaga kung panu sya iupload.

im starting to read the entrecard/dashboard one by one..lolz


Stacey said...

OMgosh I think I'm such a newbie around here... no idea what those PRs are for! Anyways, I just dropped by to let you know I linked you up ;)

Free_Angie said...

Ah Tam....Maraming Salamat sa pag mention mo sa name ko...
It mean a lot to me...^_^
I'm not just defensive but,I value people more than money...^_^
If they value me too...^_^
It's a matter of give and take...^_^
Kaya alam mo naman yata ang story ko diba?
Nasa header ng blog ko...^_^
I just been given to much...^_^
Nothing in return...^_^
Alam mo wala akong idea niyang PR PR na yan...Yong mga links ko?
Suwerte pala sila,kasi I never ask to have exchange links from them...^_^
Basta nagustuhan ko ang blog nila ininigay ko sa links ko.
But I never ask them to put me in there blogs too...^_^
Never naman kasi ako nakarecieve ng pera sa pag bloblog...
At 1st Oo gusto ko sana,pero nakita ko matrabaho siya...
Minsan super busy ako...Di ko magawa yon...
Then my blog is very personal sana..ayaw ko sanang ipakita sa public...But bigla na lang ngsulputan ang mga bloggers na bumibisita,ng cocomments...
Ayon and the rest is history na...
Ang sa akin lang maipalabas ko ang mga supress emotion ko,at may pumapansin.Okey na ako don.
Bonus may new friends ka pa...^_^
That is money can't buy...^_^
And you are one of my blessings...^_^

Mommy Rubz said...

Oh DJTammy! I got plenty of that at my site. That was the reason I revamp my blogroll. I had PR4 before and added all those who wanted to be in my list. When I checked them all, most of them didn't linked me back. So sad, I lost my PR for the sake of others.

Anyway, I am still open for exchange links. Just drop by in my blog and leave a message at my post entitled "Wanted Blogroll." You can see a link from my sidebar.

I am PR0 now. Just buzz me still if you like to exchange links with me. Thanks!

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