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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rich In Awards

Yay! They Love me and awards are pouring! I would like to thank Mommy Laine and Shelo for giving me these awards :-) Imagine, I garnered 4 awards :)) it's like I won an ward from grammy! Lab you mga sis :-)

Name 7 things/person that you love then pass this on to 7 other bloggers.

1. I admit, I don't visit church often but I love HIM so much! Our dear Saviour Jesus Christ.
2. My entire family ( even the extended family I have )
3. My closest friends ( who help me out, u know who u r )
4. Good health ( me , family, friends)
5. Stable mind ( i'm crazy most of the time )
6. Work? I don't have work :))
hmm, I'm just happy that I'm still alive to love you all
7. My loving and very supportive friends here in blogosphere.

Now I want to pass this to:

Sudhersana but I think Mommy Laine also gave this award to her.

Tales from a Pinay Survivor Mom
Vista SG
David Funk



Bill said...

Thanks Tammy you are the greatest. I will post this on my site very soon. You rock girl. Have a great week.

Vista-sg said...

Hello Tammy,
thanks for the award.
As a fellow Blogger we will support each other, both in hard and happy situation.
I am agree with your article "Blog Parasites". Two thumbs up. Many blogs behave that. It happened in both the Senior and Junior Blog. This phenomenon is very selfish and very individualistic.
Finally, keep going Sis, and soon I'll post the award on my blog, I hope my DoFollow blog will benefits for all of us with the award.
Thank you. Regards,
Vista SG Tweak Blogger Hack

djtammy said...

Bill, welcome, welcome, welcome :D

Sis, about my post :)) I was just pissed when I made it. But actually, its really happening. Not just me complaining but a lot they are just keeping their mouth shut.

anyway, i already rest my case :-) don't care with them anymore :))

I will crack some head with the coming post :))hehehe joke

sweet_shelo said...

Iba talaga ang mga gwapa daghan awards madawat.. hehe

djtammy said...

Gang, bwahaha...apil pod ka kay ikaw man nag hatag ana :))

David Funk said...

Hey, thanks for these awards. You really have become one of my better on-line friends.

I'm getting really close in making a BWE match with the "Calendar Blogger" Tammy vs the Blog Parasite! I think your opponent will learn that blog wrestling really does hurt! LOL! I had to throw that in!

Thanks again and your support as well as friendship doesn't go unnoticed by me.

djtammy said...

Welcome :-)

It does really hurt :)) they decided not to come back :)) Never seen them again :))

I was able to hop in to other blogs they were also posting about it. I bet it happens to all :))

Thanks for the friendship.


MaxiVelasco said...

ouch.. touch again. hehe.

thanks for the awards... geeezz.. 4? wow

i will be posting this tomorrow on my awards page. hehe. dami eh.

again, thanks!

and 'D funk! that's cool. feature tammy on the BWE. i am sure she'll love it!

djtammy said...

Welcome. make sure u grab it! Its like grammy awards :))

twinks said...

Hello sis,
Done with this awards na. Kindly check my blog.
Thanks again...much! much! appreciate the thought. mwahugs!

Jade said...

You deserve all these awards pretty woman!

Nice new lay out by the way!

twinks said...

Hi Sis,
oi ngka error kanina sa YM ko when I tried to add you. Kindly pls add me again: twinks79
thanks. mwahugs!