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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chew On This!

It has been over a week that I can't sleep well. I have been so worried about KZ. He keeps on crying and he losses his appetite. I have been wondering what would be the problem because he seems to be ok. I asked Anne of Mary Ann's Musing about it because I suspect he must be on his teething stage.

I made some thorough readings and I found out that babies begin teething at around six months. KZ is now 7 months! So anyway, babies show signs of teething weeks and even months before teeth actually appear. The common signs include irritability, drooling, chafed lips, frequent chewing of toys or fingers, swollen gums, mild fever, ear pulling and loss of appetite.

PATTERNS. Baby teeth usually appear in pairs, with the lower front incisors usually appearing first. The other six incisors (four on top and two more on the bottom) usually appear between six and twelve months. Whew! I have to expect more sleepless night.

TIMING. Pairs of baby teeth, or sometimes four at a time, usually appear every four months or so. Girls usually get their teeth before boys. Lower teeth usually appear before upper teeth, with the uppers following shortly after the lower ones. Some tendencies to cut teeth earlier or later appear to be genetic.

So, this morning I tried checking his gums. I noticed two white teeths forming. Ready to come out soon. Now I understand why he need some more lovin' !!!

Ate Anne gave me xylogel as an oral gel for teething! This will help to lessen the pain she said.Thanks Ate Anne :-)



anne said...

Your welcome girl, it helps Faith though her pedia said if she stop na daw drooling, you stop it na rin girl teether nga din pala makakatulong din.

djtammy said...

Ate Anne, I forgot to buy kanina.Sigh! Another tiring night na pod. Ate, pahid na sa gums? hehehe

Manol jud ko dah!

Laura said...

THere's a great product out there that uses natural ingredients to help your baby through this process. There's one called "camilia" here's a link: That works VERY well, and helps them sleep, too. I used it on my littlest (he's 3 now) and it was GREAT! stopped the crankiness within 15 minutes. Everyone needs to know about it!

Bill said...

Hi Tammy it sounds like your little one will be ready to start chewing and solid soon. Then maybe you can get your well deserved sleep. Have a great one.

djtammy said...

Laura, Thanks! I have seen the link. I will try to check we have it here in the Philippines.

Thanks for dropping by, sure it works well. We have tried US medicines. Very effective :-)

djtammy said...

Hi Bill. I started giving him soft biscuits :)) hope it was OK. We gave him cereals :-)

My deserved sleep will not come soon :)) a long way to go, teething is just starting..lolz

sweet_shelo said...

Hi girl.. Your lovey baby is surely on teething period.. kasi pag ingon ana restless man jud ang baby..

Give him teether para ma bite bite na para ma wala ang iya gilok or sakit ba kaha na sa ila gums.. hehe, i tried before a chinese product na I bought in Chinese drugstore, ok kaayo cya kay di na mag iyak ako baby.. anha sulay chinese drugstore kahibalo cla ana..

djtammy said...

Gang, mangita jud ko unya kay mag padavao ra ba ko ugma...Ang yaya mag bantay looy man kung dili sila makatulog...hehehe

Naa pod diay na sa chinese. Ako ingnan akong mama.

Salamat gang :-)

anne said...

kanang teether kanang paak paakon lang sa bata kay maduot man na sa iyang gum yata mao nang ma relieve ang iyang pain, daghan na siya sa mall girl sa baby section.

Anonymous said...

Tammy, I see you've had lots of advice, but if he doesnt want to eat, give him cold yoghurt, it soothes the gums and it is a natural product. my son is now just over two years, so we know what you are going through. everything of the best, and before you know it, it is over, then the running around starts....

Jade said...

Awww poor baby! I like the last advixe girl - ako wala pa ako ma advice coz as you know I am still a Momma Wannabe.

Hope he eats na soon! Have a good weekend girl!

Scotty's Princess said...

Sexy Tammy,

Medyo off topic sa ko ha, hehe!!!

I tried to paste here the code but can't. U have any email add or YM id? or sa ec inbox nako isend icheck ha...

Laine's Cutie Abode said...

tam elow,

adto di ay ka davao 2mrw? pasalubong durian. :) joke :)

korek si shelo naa sab tambal ana sa chinese pharmacy nakalimot ko sa name basta naa tiki man adto. mata or marka tiki. nakalimot jud ko. mao na ako gamit sa ako bb pag ngipon niya.

have a nice trip tam. God Bless :)

djtammy said...

Ate Anne, Hate myself jud.I keep forgetting it! kanina when I got home, i saw my son keeps on crying! can't bare it talaga, ska ko lang naalala yung Xylogel mo...and it seems to be working...its 8:46pm now...he is playing na sa bed.. Thanks a lot

Colin, a lot of mommy bloggers online...hehehe. I really appreciate their advices. The medicine i bought is working. Kz is just 7 months. A long way to go for me...

jade, wah. kapagod.yaw ko na mag baby :)) Puyat parati :))

Laine, nag work man yung gamot na advice ni Ate Anne. Ngayon ko lang nabili.hehehe

Princess Lainy, the code u gave me it is working...heheh.goodluck

twinks said...

Ohh poor little baby,
Sis ana jud na basta naa sa teething stage ang baby. Magstart na pangagat na hehe.. some babies do get fever pa gani. Another sleepless night sis? You can do it! Superwoman bitaw!

djtammy said...

Twinks, maoy jud sya :)) May tantrums bah! Cge hilak ..gus2 nya karga :)) kya man ang sleepless nights kay sanay mana ko sa call center pero ang bigat nya tlga :))

tc sis