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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FFC: Precious Friends

Once again I would like to feature some friends on my Featured Friend Campaign. This are the people who extended their help to me with out asking anything in return. They are the people who are worth visiting for. I would like to extend my heartfelt thank you to the following:

Maxi of Health and Beyond, She made this cute Badge for my entrecard. Maxi is a Pharmacist and blogger by heart :D cheers!!! Very sweet lady and she is now living in Sweden.


My Other blog was awarded a free make over by FE of Femikey Designs.
Fe is from Davao but living in Colorado now with her family.
She is just 26 years old, happily married and a stay home mom.
Fe is accepting layout make over for just $10 but she charges extra for the signature and badge.
It is very cheap but it's really worth it :-)

And lastly, as you can see my site has a new layout also. It was courtesy of my friend ROSE of Thoughts of a SAHM. Rose recently celebrated her birthday last March 7.
A mom of a 3 year old gorgeous little boy and a digiscrap addict according to her.

Special mention to Ate Mary Anne and Faith, who made my scroll bar. hehehe

To my precious friends, THANK YOU!



sweet_shelo said...

grabe gang , you are so blessed within and out.. i love you gang and i love our friends too!!!

djtammy said...

Gang, murag dre lang ko sa blogging naka met ani nga mga friends. Sincere man gud sila taz by just reading their post makilala nimo sila kung unsa sila :-)

LOve u pod .. thanks for being around always.


anne said...

hahaha si faith perting samukana saba pa jud sige panawag sa katawhan ug aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

djtammy said...

Ate Anne, Dili pa mag mama? o papa? kay puro man og aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh lolz

thea said...

congrats on the award on your other blog! :) so cool! :)

Prettymom said...

hmmm.. your always welcome sis and btw my son is 4 years old hehehehe.. nakalimot ko paghimo sa ec card sowe......
Thanks sa imo sister na nagustuhan nya imo layout

djtammy said...

Thea, thanks :-)

Rose, 4 na diay :)) i thought 3 pa lang coz it was written in ur profile...Rose, i bet nakita mo na blog ni ate :-)

MaxiVelasco said...

aray.. nahiya na naman ako. hehe. honestly, i get shy when recognized. hehe. thank you so much.

i am still not satisfied with your entrecard badge kasi medyo malabo and i can't understand why. if you want me to send the badge again, just tell me para maayos.


djtammy said...

Maxi, welcome. you deserved it kaya! Thankful kya ako don sa badge na ginawa mo...hehehe

i wonder bkit ganun ksi niright click ko lang sau yun!!!

PinkLady said...

Actually I do love this new layout of yours including your new button. Kudos to everyone who helped you. I had a hard time posting your button for my February top EC droppers.

Take care, djtammy!

djtammy said...

PinkLady, thanks..Finally, i have my ec button :)) i have been planning to change it but i dont know how. I so happy that maxi made one for me...

Maxi said...

ay. touch naman ako. hehe. honestly, iyakin kasi ako and very madaling matouch. thanks ha.

ui. i added your blog in my other blogroll. i decided kasi to make my other blog active ulit eh.

if okey lang, add mo rin sana sa blogroll mo.

thanks ha! will surely meet you kapag nakapunta akong manila.

other blog:

djtammy said...

Aw. crybaby! hehehe
Na add na kita :-) Im thinking of going back to Manila next month. If we can see each other here in gensan. Malamang sa Manila na talaga :-)

Take care mwahugss

Prettymom said...

siguro nakita ko na blog ng sister mo, di ko lang alam sino sister mo. maybe u can share the link

djtammy said...

Malamang nakita mo na yun rose...Rose din name nya..hehehe.cge bigay ko link.