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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Compare Your Credit Card

Call centers are anywhere and they offer different kinds of services. From travel tickets, loans and even credit cards. I, as a busy person doing a lot of task on a daily basis. I needed one for emergency cases most especially during out of town trip.

Now, most of the banks that are existing have their own agents so I decided to apply for a credit card in my issuing bank. As we all know that credit card is very convenient if we run out of cash. But anyway, I feel sorry because I was not able to compare the interest that each bank that are offering. What would you feel if you find out that other credit card companies are offering very low interest compared to the one you are using?I bet you will be disappointed like me!

It is still better to make some credit card comparison before getting one. Most especially if you are into business. It will be ideal if they offer the best benefits for us like when we purchase something and we earn through money back from the stuff we bought and I love free air miles! I travel most of the times and I really love rewards. Actually, there a lot of card rewards recently but the free air miles is the best that suits my needs.



Glenda said...

very informative post. thanks for sharing. yikes... speaking of call center agents... i feel sorry for most of them coz whenever they call our house phone WE NEVER PICK UP! huhuhu bad me. i know.

djtammy said...

hahaha! I know the feeling! I was an agent before :)) but not credit card! something very sensitive service.

Thanks for dropping by Glenda

eden said...

I agree with you, Tam that credit cards are so convenient to use. In fact i am using most of my purchases through credit card. But our credit card company doesnt earn any interest from us at all (ever since) because we always pay our total purchases of the month to avoid the interest.We chose this company because, before they have the smallest interest rate among others but now they are not anymore but we dont really care about it. Now, they are always offering us an increase limit of our card and we decided not to coz it is not necessary.

djtammy said...

Convenient talaga sya lalo na sa grocery.hehehe

That is the technique pala ate Eden.Pay the entire amount to avoid interest. Hay naku! Hirap naman ksi ng business namin! Furniture at boutique! Di naman araw-araw may bumibili ng furniture.