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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Great Paintings Of Sergey Smirnov!

I have just received a couple of messages from my artist friend Sigbin. Who is asking for a little favor to help them out with their art sketches? Since they are doing it for a good cause, I said yes! I was looking at their great & awesome sketches and it reminds me of the great portraits of Sergey Smirnov.

I like his works because he uses oil on his canvass. It looks very natural and translucent quality. You will surely appreciate his works because it portrays someone's personality or they called it "persona". It simply bridges the worlds of religious and personal portraiture as he adopts the painting styles of Western Europeans Salons.

As I continue reading about this great artist, I found out that way back 1997; he was honored as the only third living artist to have a personal exhibit at the Kremlin's Manezh. The place was ranked as one of the most prestigious art galleries in the whole world. But he died 3 years ago at Fingerhut Galleries in the US.

Anyway, you can find his great works at Fine Art Gallery in Los Angeles. I wonder if my friend saw his work but I will definitely tell him about Sergey Smirnov tomorrow.


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