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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Learning English Was Made Easier!

I stated in my profile that I am a professional licensed English teacher. Well, actually a regular teacher that you can find in school teaching English subject. A teacher that goes to school every day with an English book.

With the current trend of teaching, Learning English was made fun and easier. Students will have their own private English teacher. All the teachers are “native English speakers”; basically English is their first language. They are all qualified teachers, which mean they have been to universities & colleges. They are all high quality trained teachers but just in case you don't like his/her technique, you will have the chance to change your teacher anytime.

What makes Skype English school differs from the other schools? With Skype English School, lesson prices are up to 75% cheaper than traditional English schools and all lessons are private. With a bonus of free 15 minute trial lesson the first time you visit.



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