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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Forgive me if I'm carrying own chair...lolz
But this is the least I can do to myself now..hehehe
Making myself feel good...
Looking hot at 30 although I was dumped 3 weeks ago!
Still not over it yet and........

hate the fact that my breast are shrinking because I lose morethan 5 pounds
I guess...maybe morethan that!

I thought, I was one tough bitch!But I'm not!
I am such a cry baby that cry over a man who dumped me!

Whew! shopping and going to beach...hope it will help me ease all the pain!
Maybe a new boyfriend?What do you think guys?
or I'm better off alone! hehehe



Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Wow, so hot hot hot indeed ate Tammy...hmmm If i am in your situation te..i enjoy life being alone muna..let the guys drool

Dorothy L said...

Very sexy Tammy....D whistles :)

Lulu said...

agoy if I have your body, murampa jud ko promiseeee!!!!

chie is right, let the men drool over that sexy body! then use the line "sorry hanggang tingin nalang kayo!"

naku ang lalaki, lalaki lang yan... okay ra to cry... cry to the max... then after crying sus hunahunaa nga he don't deserve your tears.... so agoy pagsadya at least this early nahitabo na sa inyong relationship .... if nadugay pa the more the pain...

don't worry about the big 3 0 ... they are just but numbers ....heheheh

chris said...

woww are u really 30! I was thinking you were like 25. :)

and nice pics

Bill said...

BFF here Wow girl you are looking so hot my laptop almost went down when i clicked on the pics here. I have said it before and i will say it again you are truly one beautiful women and you have such a beautiful spirit inside you also. These pics rock girl. Have a great time at the beach and have a blast.

Prettymom said...

wow.. really hot hot hot jud mommy tam.. how i wish i also have that body.

David Funk said...

These pictures are way BEYOND HOT! Luckily, my laptops that you melted of mine are under full warranty, or I would have to find some way to resist visiting your blog! LOLZ!

Mr. D(to avoid confusion of Ms. D) whistles, too!

Have a great time at the beach my dear friend!