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Monday, August 17, 2009

Perfect Place for a Body Builder Like Me!

Did you know that I was into body building before? I joined the body building before when I was 23. It was always my main concern to have a physically fit body. I was such a fat lady when I was younger and so I decided to join the body building. It helps me boast my ego and gained so much confidence.

It was fun meeting male and female body builders and I am so happy that I found a new place to stay. A perfect place for bodybuilders like me. The bodybuilder chat is for male and female bodybuilders. Registration is free and this is the best chat site for body builders who are on webcams.



Bill said...

hmmm i can imagine you now as a body builder amiga. People would be dropping there weights because they could not help themselves when you walked into the room. More law suits coming LOL. :-)

Forgetful Princess said...

Bill, right right....hahaha! I wont forget those days when I go there with my seducing outfit..bwhahaha