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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Diamonds for My Engagement Ring!

I am a very hopeless romantic person. I love holding hands while walking and looking at the stars with my partner. I never had a chance to be engaged and so I never experienced those romantic and sweet scenes in the movies that when the guy said," Will You Marry Me?"

My wedding was so abrupt although it was not an arranged wedding but it was the most surprising thing that ever happens to me. My boyfriend who just visited over a holiday, the next day was he took me to the city hall to file a wedding registration. I was a little disappointed because I always imagine a wedding proposal with a surprise engagement ring that didn't happen at all.

Our marriage fails and so as my wedding ring is gone. If given a chance that I can meet the right person for me. I would love to experience amazing wedding proposals from him. Just recently, I watched few videos that I would like to share with you and I hope you like it. I watched these videos a couple of times and I can't stop myself from watching it again.

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Jenny0323 said...

Ny hubby did not propose to me too but I dont love him less for that, now that we are married I love him more than before knowing how wonderful man he is. Though it would had been very nice if he asked the Will you marry me question with matching engagement ring. ;-)

Lulu said...

I had the will you marry me moment and he also do the "asking of the hand tradition"

Too bad though, I can't wear both my engagement and wedding rings now... i gained a lot of weight so my finger got big too... hehehe

tinay said...

this is why i think friendship is the grandest relationship. some marriages end because somewhere, friendship dies and decides to roll outside two people.

never expect but never lose HOPE :)