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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Manila Trip Next Week!

After the Samal Trip last weekend, I decided to flew back to Manila next week.
Not alone ofcourse! I will be bringing Ziggy with me.
I was invited by my friends to go mountain climbing.
It sounds fun right?!
I will be leaving on the 20Th of the month, so,
I might not be online for the next few weeks
because I didn't purchased a return ticket!

I will be gone for awhile!



Bill said...

Sounds like you plan on staying up there for a while. Maybe you will find somebody to make you stay there hmmmmm. Even if you are not at home dont forget about you friends here and of course your BFF. Have a great time Amiga :-)

djtammy said...

hahaha. MAYBE but maybe not :-) Im not yet ready to suck another cool :-)

I wont forget you all ofcourse..I will try to find a net cafe to check..

i am thinking of buying a wireless small as USB...hmmp,,, i think i have to do some night works..what u think? hahaha...will i pass for that kind of job? i even suck in bed..lolz