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Monday, August 17, 2009


I was a bit surprised when I open my site today and read the message of Catherine of Cathara Main. She will be celebrating her 25th birthday on October 13 and that will be less than 2 months.

Cath, I think you are in the stage of confusion. Feeling old is just a state of mind.
You don't have to lose teeth, have white hairs and reach a certain age to be old.
I am proud to say that I am 30, I have white hairs but I feel and look so young that I wanted to be 50. There could be activities that I can no longer endure to do like biking for hours or go mountain hiking for days. These are activities that can't be endured by literally old people but for those who in spite of their old age conquered their physical limitations by doing almost the impossible. They are those who are young in spirit and don't see age as a hindrance. I have seen a number of young ones who appear to be at the verge of helplessness, that they prefer suicide, drugs, alcohol to name a few. This reality contradicts the very meaning of youth: hope, adventure, life to its fullest. Truly, there are really people who wanted to grow old faster because they don't want to go to through life pains and disappointments. But, age and life's spices go together. We grow older but wiser and tougher because of the learnings we get from our very mistakes or failed relationships. If we don't learn from these, I guess age doesn't count at all.

On the other hand, there are people who are between their 50's to 80's who dress up young and act young. For them, they can dress just like youngster because they can't accept that they are way past their age. Some old ones simply wanted to look better regardless of their lifestyle or clothing because that makes them feel better. Indeed, age is a state of mind, a matter of perspective.

I would like to share this tag to my friend Janyen, Phebie, Sherry, Angie, Sudha, Rose, Rosemarie, Chuchie and Rosa.



Sherry said...

can explain how to play this tag?

Sherry said...

ok I know now, just did

Lindz said...

lol some people maybe feeling old because they lack of encouragement, some people needs that, they need to be complimented all the time just to make them feel notice and appreciated, KSP kumbaga, and some are just feeling unmotivated lang kaya nagfefeeling kungkag sila emtpty kumbaga kaya feelign old sila... they need to get out and do something... some people dress to go with a flow of fashion "fashionista kumbaga" lol pero minsan over naman hehehe... I am 43 and lucky me kasi wala pa akong uban hehehe, I feel yung kasi I am sorrounded with my young boys so feel ko rin bata ahahahay...teka sino ba tong cathara main?

sweet_shelo said...

korek ka dyan gang!!!! We are 30 but we are not old!!!

Ha ha..

djtammy said...

She, thanks for the doing the tag.

Lindz, Cathara Catherine...u can check her site...ako dami ko na uban...feeling ko old na ako..pero bata pa man mukha ko oist..pati body ko parang highschool..char!

Isip bata pala..

Gang, ang edad lng nag tigulang ako wla..lolz...gusto na gani ko mag 50 para naa na koy buot...

cathara said...

wow, nalingaw ko. kaw first contestant:D

youre right, im probably confused and im glad hearing opinions from someone whos older than me. ive been learning a lot just by reading the posts of people who joined as well as those who made comments. oh well, 25 is young after all:D

btw, i cant seem to find where i could subscribe back in this blog:)

good luck too:)

Harry Seenthings said...

introduce me, i'm harry from ciamis...
is my first time to visiting ur blog so good, i hope we can make a friends in here...and maybe someday i'll find something to learn in here. Thanks

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

hello ate tam, thanks for this tag..parang naisip ko na ang ipopost ko sa tag na to hehhe..but ill do this tommorow nalang...wmwahh night night

Sudha said...

Thanks for the tag Tammy! :) will post it asap :) have a nice day!