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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I DO...

Have you ever tried waking up in the morning
wondering if this is your last day on earth?
Have you ever tried leaving your house
thinking if you will still be coming back?
I do!

Have you ever tried laying down beneath the stars
wishing and hoping that God will hear you?
Have you ever tried looking at someone turning their back on you
after too many unforgettable memories?
I do!

Have you ever tried unwanted pregnancy
forcing you to choose?
Have you ever tried considering suicide
as the only way to resolved everything?
I do!

Have you ever tried feeling such pain
that makes you cry yourself over and over again?
If you haven't, I guess you have no right
to judge me the way you do right now!

But love is just love.
People makes mistakes and
all I need to do is to be patient.
He is not coming back anymore as many people said.

I am just glad, that there was one time in my life
I had the chance
to look at the sky with someone and
turns everything right.



Bill said...

That time will come again my friend because you are a beautiful and sweet women with a great personality or some people call it Karma inside you. Just be true to yourself and to KZ. Your family and friends will always be here for you. Rock on my friend Rock on. :-)

Dorothy L said...

Lovely poem Tammy.
Tomorrow is yet another day in store for you :)