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Friday, August 14, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

I would like to say thank you to my friend COLIN of SEXY LEGS and BODY for tagging me with
10 random facts about me.

1. I am a Cancerian: lolz

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog
2. I am 30 years old, slim, tanned and single mother with a 1 year old son, recently dumped, Notre Dame graduate, frustrated print ad model :)) bwahahaha, I am cook :-)

3. Former DJ of HOT FM.

4. I had a slight seizure 3 years ago. I have a short term memory loss!

5. I love subway

and Melts in my mouth not in my hands :)) Krispy Kremes

6. I love the smell of Fantasy Britney Spears. This is my perfume!

and Most of my undergarments are thong, t-back and strings,

I really love shoes...

7. Run away for three times, I was drunk when I took the teachers board exam! I passed :)) Lucky me :)), I was into dress making :-) , I was supposed to take the PMA exam, My height didn't qualify, I was born in the vicinity of the sea but I can't swim well :))

8. I have a phobia with RIDES- bus, motorcycle, plane, any kind of rides :)) including carnival rides :))

9. I have two TOE RINGS in my toes :))

10. Hopeless romantic, I love holding hands while walking, I love guys who loves to kiss my neck, shoulder, back, legs and feet! I might be very sensual, provocative in your eyes but I'm kinda naive in bed...lolz! I don't know! I will let my partner tell you what am I in bed!



sexylegsandbody said...

hmmmm, mighty interesting... thanks for the info. I think you are a very complex person....

djtammy said...

lolz..thanks for the tag Colin.

Maxi said...

aw! hehe. ka cute ui! thanks for sharing prenship. now at least i know you more. hehe.

good luck sa imong lakwatsa na sad ha! good for you. ana jud prenship, enjoy life to the fullest!

hugs to you. mwah!

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

woohooo..bravo ate Tammy,i like all your answers...i can sense honesty here when u said "recently dumped" it's as if you are saying, "it is life" and I raise my thumbs on you for that..bravo te..chin up jud and say "it's not my lost"

it is nice knowing more about you te....mwahhh

Bill said...

I did not know you were a grad from Notre Dame and yes very tan and very beautiful.I knew about #6 LOL. #10 very nice hmmmmmm. I think you have done this one before right. Anyway always glad to Know things about my BFF. Have a great weekend my dear. Huggs

Lulu said...

i love shoes too! i am exceptional in bed!... basta tulog ang pag uusapan! hahahahah iba iniisip mo no?

djtammy said...

Prenship, cute bah? lolz! Im just pouring my heart out! Honest answers lang! bwahahaha

I will be fine...i will be taking pics of my mountain climbing trip next week..hugs friendship..TC

djtammy said...

I have nothing to hide about! If u will ask when will I get laid baka sabihin ko sau..lolz

Well, i realized ganito talaga ang life so...move on...

Thanks Chie..hugs

djtammy said...

Bill, i finished my highschool and college in Notre Dame :-)

Yeah very tanned and beautiful indeed! bwahaha

6 and 10....hahahaha..yes i know knew it...i have done this before an di figure out i still have something to add...

hugs to u my friend

djtammy said...

Lu, hahaha! so am i :)) when sleeping!

sweet_shelo said...

wahhh.. grabe man jud diay ka sexy gang pati mga undies nimo.. hehe

David Funk said...

Now after sitting here reading this, how could you possibly forget about being on the cover of BWE Disclosed? Or that you're in BWE Promotions? You had to know that was coming! lolz

I share the same thoughts on No. 5. I love Subway, too.

Glad to know more about my Beyond Hot blogger friend!

Thanks for sharing!

djtammy said...

gang, cguro dapat mag ilis na ko lain style og panty kay basig mao ng malas sa akoa..lolz

djtammy said...

D, oh im so sorry. I forgot about it. I am so excited with my trip next week that is why i forgot..

I will make it up to u..swear!

Rosa said...

drop by here, nice tagged!

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Phebie said...

perti man diay pod kang bayota ka! tnud-anay man jud nga answers...PERFECT!!! whaaaa...muzta na my dear?