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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Mini Get Away With Friends!

It has been almost a month I guess and still I can't get over it!
So, my friends and I decided to have a mini get away.
We are going to Samal Island this coming Saturday.

I am so excited that finally I can relax at the beach.
Two days ago, I went shopping for a swimwear! hehehe
I bought a 2 piece which I am wearing at the pictures.
I also bought a tiny mini skirt to match...lolz
Here am I, practicing a pose! lolz
Peaceful isn't it?!
I can't wait for this to happen!



Lulu said...

naks naman! pati pose pinapractice na ngayon!!!! lol

have fun!

djtammy said...

naku badly needed yan..lolz
kailangan tlga mga pamatay pose tulad ng ginagawa ng mga models..lolz

David Funk said...

Okay, now I have to send my laptop to the repair shop because of the melting that you caused with these pictures! Now I maybe suing you, and collect some of that income you've collected from what you earned on the cover of BWE Disclosed! LOLZ!

As always, very nice pics for a very dear friend!:)

Rosa said...

wow that samal island is a nice place? hmm, i wish makapunta ako jan someday. lols!

Rosa said...

nga pala, ur so sexy and hot talaga. nice pose and body! paano mo namamaintain ganyan body sis?

Dhemz said...

gosh....hahaha...kakaingit naman...murag wala ka anak ai....unsa man imo secret man japon ka kaau....:)

Phebie said...

char oi...excited na daun ko sa imong mga post after ur get-away...

sure na ang mag bikini's dha bayot!

djtammy said...

Oh David...don't do this to me...dont counter sue me....anyway, i have spend all the money i've got from u...lolz

Rosa, never been i am so excited..lolz and thanks for the comment. Panu ko na maintain? 3 weeks na 1 day 1 eat..gosh my breast shrink...lolz

Dhemz, simple lang wla tulog wala kaon....lolz...nang huyos na akong totoy bah...lolz

Bayot, ambot lng if i can wear that in public...pang closet man lang ko oist...lolz

Anonymous said...

Hey Princess, you look great! I hope you enjoy your get away, you deserve it and owe it to yourself.
Hope it will keep your mind occupied.

djtammy said...

Colin, thank u so much... i will surely enjoy this mini trip...although it wont last 12 hours...lolz

klivengood said...

ay shocking, abi nako pang closet lang ang mga swimwear hehe..according to my mother, pag may ipapakita dapat ipakita at kapag may tinatago ibig sabihin may korekong hahaha. oi bitaw, bagay sa imo,so sexy, mahalin pag usab nyahaha. asa nga Samal Island ba, diri sa Davao?? taga diri ko sa Davao pero wala pa ko kaadto sa Samal kay mahadlok man ko sakay ug boat. hahaha nice imong blog diri dah!

djtammy said...

lolz... thanks sa comment...

Bill said...

I left a comment here yesterday but i dont see it. wow the picture of you on the bench with your hair down is out of this world awesome. You rock girl. I think i am going to do like David did i cant keep buying new laptops because of you melting them with your smoking photos. I need to jump on the law suit train and get my money back here. LOL Later BFF