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Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Feel Relaxed and Relieved!

I know everybody is waiting for pictures of the Samal Island trip I had.
Whew! Where will I start?
What do you want to know?
I was really excited of the trip coz for the first time I can have a relaxing trip alone.
but...................that flag! lolz
A friend suggested tampons! hahaha
Thank you Dhemz! I didn't know if we have that here!
Anyway, I was pretty drunk that night! Am I?
I don't remember actually.
All I remember was, I was wearing my 2 piece swimwear,
with my skirt and see-through guess.

The rest of the scene was.....



David Funk said...

I'm glad you had a relaxing and much deserved trip. At least it was quite with me not getting anymore threatening lawsuits from you even though I'm sure it will pick up where it left off soon...again! lolz

Hot pic as always my dear friend!

S-H-Y said...

Hala taga Davao diay ka? asa ka dapit sa Davao? Karon lng jd ko kabalo na taga Davao diay ka hehehe...anyway good to know na nkapag relax ka diha sa samal nice jd dira para i relax2:P

djtammy said...

D, i can't explain the feeling but it was the most exciting and relaxing trip I had.

Memories that were not captured on pics are kept inside my heart and mind!

djtammy said...

im not from davao...hehehehe
nag adto lang ko davao to relax...

S-H-Y said...

hehehe..I thought taga davao ka sowe :P.

Lulu said...

i thought nagmodel napod ka sa coke

I am glad you had a good and relaxing trip despite the red tides lol

Dorothy L said...

The fun of being a woman...yuk...I hate those surprises....and men say they have it rough.
I am so glad that you got away to get some fresh air and fresh thoughts :)

Dhemz said...

hahhaha....shuang jud ni sya....namuot ko sa imong message...pula man jud ang tubig....joker...sakit akong tiyan katawa sure nag stop ang red flag kay dagat man...hehehe!

wala diay tampoons pa diha? maau man to kay sungsong ditso...unlike sa napkin...ehhehe...joker!
looks like hangover paka aning pic sis...abay ang coke oh...sos...asa man ang red horse...joke!