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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Search Your Files At Rapidshare!

Rapidshare is not actually new to me. I have been using this site every time I search for video, music and games. If you are not familiar with the site maybe you can take a look at Rapidshare search. You can actually find what you are looking at rapidshare.

The search engine is actually new but they managed to be known in the internet community because of their service. So, if you are thinking of searching something, you can try searching at rapidshare. It will give you tons of results that you need. It is very convenient actually and it doesn't need additional expenses but of course you have to search and download.



Lindz said...

I click on the link but all I can see are users link

Anonymous said...

naku ang daming video talaga dyan sis pero marami din na medyo off limit ang mga gels na tulad natin kasi may xxx