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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shopping For My Son!

One of my hearts' desires as a woman and a mother is shopping. Shopping for myself and shopping for my little boy Ziggy. Few days ago, he turn 1 year old and time flies so fast that he can stand up now and wants to walk. So, I was thinking of shopping him a Baby Gyms and Play Mats. He likes playing, so I want his baby gym as durable, foldable and washable.

Right now, Ziggy is using his old baby crib. It was personally designed and made in our store but I am thinking of changing his crib to a Baby Cot . Since he is not a baby anymore, it would be nice if his new cot will be convertible. It will expensive compared to a regular cot but it is a onetime purchase so, it will be worth it.

I never had a Changing Stations for Ziggy but if I could turn back time. I would love to have one. It would be nice to have a changing table inside in our room. My sister is making fun of my son. She calls Ziggy as baby monster because he ate anything. Rice, biscuits, durian fruit and a lot more. So, I think he needs a High Chair. A bassinet was not in my list because it is too much luxury but for some parents Bassinets are necessity. It can be moved from room to room. I am also thinking about prams. Good thing they also have shopping guide for Prams.

You might be wondering where I can get all these stuffs in one place. It is at ShopKiwi, you can purchase everything you need before you go. There are 30,000 stores to choose from, so, it is a one stop shop for mothers like me.



sweet_shelo said...

wehh shopping!! Nothing is much enjoyable than shopping ..

I have shopped for my girl's shoes kagabi..nakabili na naman ako.. hehe

tim said...

wow, how cool! you got a good idea about life. by the way me and angie were close and we even share secrets, our friendship is really cool. how are you? i hope i my blog would like yours one day soon, dreaming to be like that. it's my passion to write and express what i feel. I hope you are ok, I am fil- am and loves to travel too, think we have thesame genre,lol. I am a dj as well, just starting this career few days passed. take care,im 19-.. you? can you give me some tips to make my blog cool and most visited.. how can i do that? please give me some tips.

FaYe said...

when i visit a blog, i usually read the profile. reading your profile and your post about ur bb, make me confused. are you a single mom? never read about ur partner.sorry if i offended u. i am just curious. want to understand.
have a nice day!

djtammy said...

lolz...well, good thing na nag babasa ka ng profile! Some blogger don't have the time to do it!

Yes, i have a son! proud single mother :-)

FaYe said...

yoU must be proud of. i salute you, being a single mom.
never go into a relationship if you are not sure.
choose a partner who will accept you and your bb. goodluck!!!

djtammy said...

well, its too late about not falling for someone which is im not sure!!!!

but regrets is not in my vocabulary right now!

im just 30 and pretty sure there is really someone meant for me...char!

Bill said...

There is somebody out there for you my dear. I know that for a fact but sometimes you have to just let nature take its course. They say the right person could be looking you in the face and you might not even know it. chow