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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Better Be Safe!

Few years ago before I quit working. I remember my friend and I started a home-based call center. I have helped her in setting up the business. I have also helped her in deciding what house to get and we decided to finally move in to a condominium. I can say that I am a safety first person. Since she was older than I am, I have to checked all the rooms, lights, door locks, the wiring and even the sprinkle.

I am very particular with safety precautions. With the kind of business we had, I asked her to have all the files backed up. Security password on all computers to avoid being hacked.

Well, it is not bad to think of our safety and at the first place, this kind of investment wont hurt us because it is for our own good and protection to her business.



Bill said...

Was that the call center you was telling me about in your previous posts. The one you were asking the question how i new about them things LOL.

djtammy said...

lolz...YES ...hahahaha.OMG

Lindz said...

my cousin is in the same industry... security