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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Latest Contest Sponsors

CASH Sponsors:

---- Anne Bianca of My Little Home
$5 ---- Maxi of Ovah' Coffe
$5 ----Twerlyn of Happy Family
$5 ---- Shelo of Mi Mundo Del Amor
$5 ---- Jade of The Pinay Blogger
$5 ---- DJTammy of Anything Under The Sun
$5 ---- Rosilie of Rosilie:My Blog

Domain Sponsors:

1 Year FREE Domain or
cash equivalent if you don't need a domain
---- Lainy of Lainy's Musings
Free Sub Domain Hosting ---- Mys of Keeps Trying Info
5GB WEbHosting ------
Domain Hosting (70,000 MB disk space) ---- Dianne Karol of Fading Kiss

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One month 468 x 60 top banner ad on her PR3 blog --- Maxi of Health and Beyond
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1 month Text link ad at PR3 --- Jade of Momma Wannabe
One month 468 x 60 top banner ad ---- Tammy of Forgetful Princess
125x125 ad space for one month ----- Dianne of
125x125 ad space ---Mr. D of Basic Bloganomics
Winner(s) of our contest will have their entry inducted into the WBE Blog of Fame--- Mr. D of Basic Bloganomics
125x125 space ad for 1 month ---- Elai of Elai's Haven
1 month ad in PR 4 ---- Jena Isle of Random Thoughts

Blog Make Over:

Blog Make Over ---- Rose of Designs and Scrap LO
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Pair of Earrings carnelian and white turquoise, with a copper spacer and handmade copper ear wires ---- Laura of LauraStaley's Shop T-shirt ---- Ate Eden of Moments to Remember
Fashion Watch and Shades---- Dhemz of My Life's Perception & Inspiration

Pond's Beauty White --- as Freebies ( If allowed in Air 21 ) Tammy

Vaseline Lotion ---- Freebies ( If allowed in Air 21 ) Tammy
Gift Certificate for FREE FACIAL----Donna Mae of Envy Me Salon

EC Sponsors:

1000 EC --- Mary Anne of Mary Anne's Musing
5000 EC ---- Twerlyn of Stay in Love
1000 EC ----- Lainy of Our Journey to Forever
1000 EC ----- Lainy of The Certified Fashionable Chic
1000 EC ---- Mys of Thoughts and Obsessions
1000 EC ---- Mys of Just Keep Trying
1000 EC ---- Budiawan Hutasoit of Small Note
2000 EC ---- Shimumsy/Alf of My Careless Whispers
1000 EC ---- Bill of My Piece of Paradise
1000 EC ---- Mommy Elvz of I Luv Give Aways
500 EC ------Mommy Elvz of Straight from the Heart
500 EC ----- Mommy Elvz of Musings of a Pinay Working Mom
500 EC ------Mommy Elvz of Mighty in Spirit
1000 EC --- Rosemarie of All About my Life
1000 EC --- Rosemarie of The Journey of My Life
5000 EC --- DJTammy of Anything Under the Sun
1000 EC ---- Chuchie of Where Abouts
2000 EC ----- Chuchie of Chuchie's Hideaway
1000 EC ---- Star of A Maiden's Testimony
1000 EC ---- Nedekcir of Girls are made of Sugar and Spice
1000 EC ---- Nedekcir of Everything has a Reason
1000 EC ---- Nedekcir of In My Kitchen
1000 EC ---- Nedekcir of In the Life of Mine
1000 EC ---- Twinks of Twinkletoe Writing Space
500 EC ----- Divya Sai of Blogger Templates Widgets
1000 EC ---- Lee Hsien Loong of Eastcostlife
2000 EC ----- Kirhat of Seek No More
1500 EC ------ Kirhat of Nesting Buddy
1000 EC ---- Rare Jon Rez of My Written xPressions
500 EC ---- Elai of Elai's Haven
2000 EC ----- Sudha of Sudhersana
500 EC ------SunEGrl of Low Carb Weigh of Life
500 EC ------ SunEGrl of Made In The USA
1000 EC ----- SunEGrl of SunEGrl Loves to Shop
1000 EC ----- QC of The Dream Catcher
1000 EC ---- Jena Isle of Random Thoughts
1000 EC ---- Melody of Life Marriage and Kids
1000 EC ---- Melody of Mama's Sanity
1000 EC ---- Rosa of Rosa's Love
1000 EC ---- Rosa of Journey
1000 EC ---- Rosa of Pinay Mama Blog



sweet_shelo said...

bongga na kaayo imo mga sponsors gang..

Gwapa jud kaayo ka.. hehe

Maxi said...

ay... dami na talaga friendship ng iyong sponsors! grabe na talaga!

djtammy said...

Gang, murag kulang pa man na gang.lolz

Kung naa pay cash akong paypal ako jud ihatag..lolz..karon pa man nag balik ang akong PR oist...karon pa uli sugod take opps sa PPP..

Unta madungan pa...hehehe

djtammy said...

friendship, naku! Musta ka na man?Been busy talaga sa exhibit! No time mag blog hopping sa mga friends..

Medyo marami na nga...mga hindi ko kilala yung iba! hehehe


hi dj tammy

mo dawat paka ug sponsor for your contest if so count me in. 1000 ec
1000 ec.
let me know if your still accepting.permi man gud ko maka limot ug leave ug comment uy, dugay rako gusto mo sponsor


Rosa said...

hi sponsored ako nang 1000 credits and and total 3000 credits

David Funk said...

Hi Tammy! This is a turnout for the amount of sponsors! Congrats on that, and I'm glad to be sponsoring such a great contest!

djtammy said...

Mr. D, Thank You so much for the support. I am so glad that you are one of our sponsors

Developer said...

I'll sponsor 1,000 EC