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Friday, April 3, 2009

Nyce Billy: The Newest Hip Hop Star

I started working as a radio disc jockey when I was 17 years old and I stopped six years later when I got married. But, I never stop my liking for music. I particularly love the beats of hip hop! It makes me sing along with the lyrics and makes me dance with the beat. I could remember well when I was still a disc jockey, I would usually play hip hop songs to wake up my listeners.

Gone are the days when I could still mix and match music with other beats but today, I have a talent disc jockey whose works I advertise around.

There are a lot of famous hip hop artists in the music industry now. As a disc jockey by heart, I want to be the first person to make the noise and to let everybody know about the latest and hottest buzz online. Check out Nyce Billy ! He will be the next hip hop star! He just signed a contract under Everything to Gain Entertainment in New York City.

Nyce Billy

Nyce Billy took home the highest recognition from Faces in the Crows Showcase. He truly made a serious noise in the music industry and for that, he was given an international recognition. I don't know if you have heard his first single, " Pour On the Floor.” This song is quite popular among NYC clubs and soon will be heard over the radio.

I just added him on my Myspace account. Check out his other pictures at ETG Entertainment myspace page . For Youtube lovers, you can check his video at ETG Entertainment TV.

I will surely ask my DJ talent to play Nyce Billy's track in his gigs in Connecticut, USA.




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Maxi said...

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