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Monday, April 27, 2009

Land Bank Manager Guilty or Not Guilty!

My family was so pissed when we found out that the money of my deceased grand mother was gone. I know this is a very sensitive issue that needs legal advice from lawyers/attorneys.

My grand mother who was a pensioner of PVAO or Philippine Veterans Affairs Office was receiving a monthly pension and now that she died because of old age.
The family would like to withdraw the money left which is to be exact 221,404.26.
My aunt who is the sole authorized to withdraw from her account has no knowledge that the money was gone. My mother who was able to update the passbook of my LOLA in other Land Bank branch found out that the money was already gone.

According to the Manager, the money was withdrawn by the Land Bank Manager for SAFE KEEPING.
I am just wondering why the heck he/she will touch someone's money without the concern of the family members. Why for safe keeping?lolz!
The fact that he/she transferred the money without our concern was already a violation.
The amount php 221,404.26 was withdrawn on November 26, 2008 with a CMA on the right side of the passbook.

What is CMA? How did they able to withdraw the money without the passbook?Why did they did not inform atleast one of the family before getting the money? Who transfer the money? To whom did they tranfer the money?

According to the Rules and Regulations of Governing Regular Savings Account:
# 5 it says that:

How to Make Withdrawals
All withdrawals must be made by the depositor personally by filling out property a withdrawal slip. Withdrawals from a savings account by a person other than the depositor himself may be allowed by the bank only upon the depositor's written authority which must be fully authenticated.

If the depositor cannot write, he must have the withdrawal slip filled out by any person other than an employee of the Bank who must have sign the withdrawal slip as one of two witnesses to the fingerprints of the depositor withdrawals paid by the Bank prior to its knowledge of the depositors death shall be bringing on the depositor's estate.

A depositor shall not be permitted to withdrawal a sum smaller than one peso (1.00) nor withdrawal any amount which includes a fractional part of a peso, except when closing the account. No maximum limit is set on the amount of withdrawals that can be made from the savings account during a calendar month, but when in the opinion of the Bank's Board of Directors or Management the interest of the Bank so requires, the right is reserved to require 60 days written in advance of any withdrawal from a savings deposit.

We are no expert when it comes to laws of the bank but our main concern was where did the money goes? NO ONE knows what happen to the money. Not even one of my relatives knew that the money was gone. So, why did the Land Bank Manager withdraw the money without letting us know. If not the manager? WHO?
It just gives us the idea that they have an interest with the money of my grand mother. I pity this kind of people keeping the money of my lola in their own pocket! Shame on you! Whoever you are, wait and see til we settle this soon!

Anyone would like to help?



Prettymom said...

hala, that's quite big amount of money mommy tammy... i hope this will be settle soon...

Twerlyn said...

sa gensan na landbank Tam?ipa bombo radyo!pagkaulaw nalang ana nya oi..try kuha sa kwarta sa iya then kung d nya hatag ang kwarta, pakaulawan cia sa media.then kaso dayon.

MaxiVelasco said...

psst.. bespren, sorry ha. di masyadong makabisita. super busy ui! sakit na nga ulo ko eh.

anyway, na miss ko ikaw! shaks! hihi. but true!

get a lawyer prenship to help you with the problem. di naman yun makatarungan noh! alisin ba naman ang pera ng grandma mo. hay naku nga naman. kainis yan ha!

NovaS said...

oh my! that is not really an excuse for them... they should pay that money your granny has...


anne said...

oi girl you must consult this to a lawyer para klaro para naa jud mo laban buing ni sila pataka lang ug panguha ug dili ilaha unya ra ba ug dili ta makadeposit sa ilang required na amount kuhaan daun ta ug penalty grrr oi grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ug daghan pang grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

djtammy said...

Rose, If it was just 10,000 below cguro pwede kanya na..but the fact pera ng lola ko yun at ginalaw nila without our concern ..malaking violation yun.

djtammy said...

Lyn, Sa Landbank gensan ni nanay gi-update ang passbook. Landbank province and actual na bank ni lola( can't mention na branch yet)

Mapaka ulawan jud sya! ngano isafe keeping niya? buhi pa man mga anak ni lola.

djtammy said...

friendship, na miss din kita. Tampo na ako hah! hehehe.Musta ka naman oist? Mag EB kmi nila twinks, Lainy , star sa Saturday!

We seek advice sa lawyer kung ano gagawin. saka dba, pera ng lola ko yun bakit ginalawa nila na wlang abiso samin. Parang magnanakaw db!

djtammy said...

Novah, Naku! hindi lang pay the money dapat managot sila sa violation na ginawa nila!

djtammy said...

Ate Ane, mao lagi na among ingon kay nanay. Mag ask na og advice sa lawyer! badtrip kau oist! imagine, gi withdraw nila ang 221,404.26 sa akong lola na wlang abiso. Ilaha ba diay toh? Buhi pa man ang ang sole authorized na mag withdraw...

Laine's Cutie Abode said...

hi hot mama tam. musta na u? na shock ko pagbasa nako sa imo post as in.

CMA is Cash Management Account.

ask lang ko nakabalo na ang bank na patay na imo lola?

and tam na istorya na ninyo ang bank manager? usually man gud daw pag nakabalo na ang bank na patay na ang account holder ila i-hold ang money pero dili nila i withdraw or transfer. normal procedure daw na xa. Pero tam question, unsa to xa na account? savings or pension account? and wen lang namatay imo lola? kay kong pension daw and nakahibalo ang bank na patay na ang tag iya ila daw na xa hold or ila kuhaon para i-remit balik sa gov't. i-clarify lang sa una sa bank ang inyo case.

djtammy said...

Laine, did2 mi gikan sa atty. sa Land Bank nag ask og legal advice.

According kay atty. Gayam, may withdrawal na nangyari. So, may withdrawal slip! Sabi niya, mag send ng letter sa manager ng landbank. mag ask daw xerox copy ng withdrawal slip na ginamit.

sabi naman ng taga landbank na classmate ko... May nag withdraw taz gi-override ng manager. Pero wala man isa sa kamag-anak ang nakapag withdraw. So who could that be???

Alam ng banko na patay na yung lola ko kaya sa ni atty. mawithdraw man yung pera pero need pirma ng mga anak! Pero wla pa man naka pirma gone na yung pera! tapoz they should inform us if ibalik nila sa PVAO. May right kmi dba!

Galing na sa manager yung aunt ko...medyo nagulat yata na may alam kmi! bakit? nag duda na kmi!