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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Friend Needs a Place

My friend Alex and his family is planning to move to Wilmington NC area. He is looking for a home just by the sea shore. He simply wants a big beautiful place from Wilmington NC Real Estate . They offer wide selection for very reasonable rates.

I told Alex that the houses from this NC Real Estate only range between 150,000 to 400,000. So, there could really be a house that will surely meet his budget. These can still be negotiated too and they work with the mortgage companies and offer full relocation services. I pretty believe this is a good deal already.

I heard this company offers home to homeless dogs. This only shows that this company is socially responsible. My friend Alex will sure place his query on this one.


1 comment:

David Funk said...

I live about 3-4 hours from Wilmington. I have one high school buddy that lives there as well that I found on Facebook.

I don't follow real estate that closely, but this does sound good.

Nice post Tammy!:)