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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reminiscing The Past

Couple of months ago, I met my very supportive friend Mr. D with my post about Calendar Girl. I am happy that until now, he didn't change. He is still one of my precious friend online that I really cherished. Last two weeks ago, I think I posted a picture about Captured. I was tag by my blogger and YM gang-gang Shelo. The tag was all about pictures that are taken in black and white. Now, we have common friends!

Angie who is my Miga in Davao, I think is preparing a big surprise for me. But I think it is all about photo shoot.



MaxiVelasco said...

wow! sexy naman ni friendship bah! hehe. ganda body kahit mommy na!

oy ha. anjan na badge mo? dami baya nagagrab ng badge ngayon lalo na mga taga indonesia and malaysia. they like to place other blogger's badges on their blogs for exlinks instead of just the usual link exchange.

stay sexy tamz! mwah

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Wow ate Tammy, you are really a one hot mama. You are so sexy and your pose..pangmodel jud kaau oi...Stay sexy and nice te..mwahhh..i am so proud of you with that striking pose

Forgetful Princess said...

Friendship, ganun ba yun? para ano? hehehe. Di ba naga occupy ng space yun if puro badges.lolz

thanks...wala ng mapost na iba...ginagawa na lang separator sa paid post.lolz

Chie, frustrated print ad model lagi ko...lolz..muah

Bill said...

WoW Tammy that picture is just to beautiful to put into words. It makes me speechless. You should be a model girl.

djtammy said...

Bill, lolz. thank you. i will try to be one before i reach 60.kidding :-)
Hugs my friend :-)