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Friday, April 24, 2009

Quick Post :-)

I tried my best to stay at home and rest but I can't just leave my sister alone in the stall. So, your super mom went to town and shipped the order of CHUCHIE. Had a soothing body massage and went straight to our stall. Right now, I am still chilling, coughing and I have runny nose but my sister Rosilie reserved me an opportunity.

Oh, before I forget I had a chat with my friend/classmate TWINKS. It feels like the old days when we we're still young. Hoping that we can have an EB with Princess Lainy, and Star.



Bill said...

Take it easy there lady. Get your full strength back so you can feel better. I will check back here later to see how you are. Hugs

djtammy said...

Lolz. Told you im trying to be a super mom! Went to Davao City today and met Angie. I was carrying over 20kls of RTW.lolz

my back is super achinggggggggggg :))

But im good.thanks bill :-)