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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He Completes Me!

Everything was so hard to accept (before) when I become a single parent and knowing that my husband has a different family. I could say I am one tough bitch! I did not cry at all but sometimes, I feel envious with other couples who stay intact . I don't know if it's normal but I really feel jealous because I am alone. I keep asking myself, what was wrong with me? I know, I am not perfect but I am trying my best to become a better person.

Aside from my friends and family who are always there. My son makes me happy and he completes me. He just turn 8 months last April 10.



Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

It's normal to be jealous te kay we are not perfect ra gud least you tried to be a better might not meet your hubby's expectations...then its his lost oi..he can't find someone like u.. and your son..he is enough reason to be happy stay sexy, happy and pretty. bahala cla..hehee

ROSILIE said...

You are one top hell of a strong woman sis. much stronger and braver than anyone else I know but equally beautiful like me. hahahhah!

Happiness is found within and from the people who truly love you. So, let the sh**y people go to hell. hahahhahah!
Love you!

djtammy said...

Chie, hahaha.Have u seen the girl na iyang gi-ilis naku? naa man ko post atoh..

Thanks hah:-)

Rose,one TOP HELL of a strong woman jud..lolz..hay naku, wla koy labot niya...hell I care.lolz

Bill said...

You have such a beautiful and handsome boy their tammy. I see he gets his good looks from his mother. There is nothing wrong with you dear lady never think that. Your a very strong intelligent beautiful women. Also a great mother take care dear friend.

Lollii-Pii said...

I know you can do i Ate Tammy. God will be the one who will provide your daily necessities. I hope and pray that your baby boy will grow as kind and as beautiful as his responsible mother. God Bless..Ajah!!

David Funk said...

I don't think I could have said it better than what Bill did. And he's right. We all can stand to be better people while live on earth no matter what life throws at us.

Best wishes for you and your son always!:)

djtammy said...

Vyne, ajah! hehehe. I just hope I can still stay stronger. Sometimes ksi, when i think of something like the past! feeling ko im such a bif failure! sigh! what a life..

djtammy said...

Hi D. Thank you. I maybe not a good partner/wife but I am really trying my best to become a good mother. Although i am not an expert when it comes to kids. I will try my best to raise him as a good child.