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Friday, April 10, 2009

Yahama Rhino Rollover

One of my family members was recently hit by another car when he was on his way to work. His car was totally wrecked. We were just happy that he was safe after the accident. However, he had extreme body sores and some bruises.

On the other hand, Yamaha Rhino Rollover was recently recalled due to rollover risk. Countless reports of serious injuries about broken legs and limbs forced the patients to quit from work and to attend physical therapy to regain functional legs. Was the Rhino ATV rollover brought up by poor designs?

The Yamaha Rhino rollovers were expected due to the reasons given below.

1. Rhino ATV is narrow in size that makes it unstable.
2. It is top heavy, producing high center of gravity.
3. It has smaller tires, holding less on platforms.

However, Yamaha blamed the drivers for its unsafe use of ATV. According to them, Rhino was a reliable and versatile vehicle but ATV users were aggressive in driving that caused the ATV to rollover even on platforms. I think both parties are responsible about this incident.

Furthermore, if you have friends or family members that had a Rhino rollover accident, please contact your law firm and place your complaint. You have legal rights!



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