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Saturday, April 4, 2009

PR2 is Back :-)

My PR dropped to zero last month and I got upset. My friend Mary Anne " Maxi" gave me some tips about why PR drop to zero. The friendship started right from there!

I remember we exchange messages that blogging will continue with or without PR. Now that my PR2 is back, we are still friends. Maxi's new blog has PR1 and Mr. D got PR3. Congrats!

I admit, I am no good with layouts. lolz. Take a look at this very cute and awesome badges :-)

Both badges are made by Maxi :-)
I did not ask her to do this...hehehe
I was surprised when she told me she made me one for my Anything Under the Sun.

The second badge was sent earlier...hehehe
I love them both! I already uploaded the badges in my entrecard account.

Friendship, thank you so much!



Maxi said...

haha! touch naman ako! i am just happy that you loved it.

wala lang. kasi i noticed sa entrecard na you still don't have a what you call your own badge for your forgetful princess blog. so i decided to make you one. not as good as others do but at least, you have a badge na. hehe.

thank you for the appreciation. touch naman ako eh.

ay! read the email! haha! oo nga. sana, kita kita! and hello... ano nga uli ang blog ni angie? nakalimutan ko! 30 years old na kasi... makakalimutin na. pasensya!

congrats ulit sa iyong PR2! you deserve it! mwah!

Maxi said...

ay!! before I foget! yung link ng Maxi2 sa blogroll mo... mali yata. haha. pakicheck nalang sis!

thanks ulit and keep on blogging!

see you one day.. for real!

djtammy said...

anong not as good as others? ang ganda kaya! well interpreted yung site..hehehe

My sun and my princess..basta lab ko sila! so proud of it...Thank u so much talaga :-)

Mommy Elvz said...

Congrats Tammy! I'm glad your PR is back :) I think ako naman hihingi ng tips sa yo 'cause my other blog dropped to pr1 :(

David Funk said...

Congrats on having your blog back to a PR2! Also, thanks for the mention, too.

Yeah, Maxi has been very beneficial in helping me more than she knows. She goes out of her way even with busy or stressful times in her life to help other bloggers. And it shows again in your case.

I'm glad both of you are great on-line friends to me. Maxi did a nice job with those badges!:)

Mira said...

Congrats! I've lost PRs in my 2 blogs but gained more in another one. Yup blogging will still go on with or without PR but it's still better with it, LOL. Have a great weekend.

Prettymom said...

congrats for gaining back your pr and you right blogging must go one with or without pr

Borneo Falcon said...

MY PR remain at 3 for the past 6 months. Wonder when it will go up a rung

S-H-Y said...

congrats sa pr mo I hope balik din ung aking pr soon heehee..

djtammy said...

Mommy Elvz, Mr. D, Mira, Rose, Borneo Falcon and Shy:

Thank you so much for dropping by. I just don't know what to say!!!

My brain is fully loaded and everything is over flowing :))

Thanks for the visit!

Maxi said...

hello.. was here again! thanks for the appreciation for the badges! kilig ako... blush blush

hey 'D! thanks for the mention on your comment, too! it feels great to be of help. the feeling is beyond compare!

have a great day!

Bill said...

I am glad to see you got your PR2 back. You deserve it because you have a great site here. I hope you have had a great weekend. I hope your store is going well also. ^_^

Lollii-Pii said...

Wow..sana tumaas pa yang PR mo ate. grrrr..ung akin-ewan ko lang.
I'll try to gain more readers and commenters as I re-start my blogging duties. Lol. God Bless ate tammy!!

your "Health Assistant" said...

Congratulations! Page rank is very mysterious sometimes they come and go then suddenly it comes back.

djtammy said...

Maxi, tnx a lot tlga!I can't stop myself from saying it over and over again..ang ganda ksi!

Bill, thnaks. Store?last week was OK...but this week, it looks like the people are out of town for the holy week.

Lollii, sana nga tumaas :)) yoko na bumaba yan..hehehe..take care

Ms. Health Assistant, hehehe...thanks for the visit :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! this is very and cute! I hope she will do my badge for me too, hehehe.. hope so.. Anyway, great friend she is! You guys are click with each other!

sweet_shelo said...

Gang, love your!! Congrats for the PR2 that is back!! Gang akoa kay PR1 nalang.. but it's better than the zero right. Hopefully next time it will be better..

nice ung mga badge ha..Nice for Maxi. I think she is really nice too..