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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Landbank Update :-)

My mother and I went to the Comelec office this morning to seek legal advice. Ofcourse, visiting our friend Lainy and Star is part of my plan. Attorney Villanueva was not around that time but I am so thankful he called over the phone to give me instruction on what to do. He also referred us to his friend, attorney Gayam who is the atty. in-charge of Land Bank of the Philippines.

According to atty. Gayam, first thing to do is send a letter to the manager( province branch), written mail should be CC to the Regional Director of Land bank Zamboanga. It should be signed by the Regional Director before we actually give it the the manager in the province.

He said, fair play first! The letter should demand a xerox copy of the withdrawal slip made on November 26, 2008. If there is a discrepancy, that is the time we take legal actions. He said, if the documents failed to prove that none of my relatives withdraw the money. The manager can be filed a case! blagag! He was counting on his fingers what are the possible case can be filed to the manager! So, Manager! Good Luck!


1 comment:

Star-chuu said...

Goodluck djtammy...hope that your family will solve this problem and recover the money of your late grandmother withdrawn by the landbank manager.