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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fab Birthday Bash Contest of Jade

Actually, I really don't know where to start with this post. But, all I want to do is write about the blog contest of Jade of Momma Wannabe and Life of a Filipina Blogger.

I am a talker because I am a radio disc jockey before but I assure you that I am not a writer. As much as possible, I try to use simple words to make my post understandable. I will admit that I am no good in following instructions. As a matter of fact, I hate rules!!! The first time I joined a contest was the birthday contest of my friend Rose of Thoughts of a SAHM. All I have to do was guess her birthday but I was not lucky.

Now, I am giving my best shot for this Fab Birthday Bash of Jade. I can still remember how I first met this Filipina Blogger name Jade. I was so pissed because my PR dropped to zero and I found out that some bloggers deleted my link on their blog roll. My Blog Parasite Entry was a sure big hit! I met a lot of friends and Jade was one of my commentor together with Bill. It was the beginning of our sisterhood in blogosphere. I remember, I was freakin' mad when I post about it but I feel so relieved reading their comments. I realized that I have taken blogging as a serious task.

At first, I don't really care about other people. But with the comments I received, I was enlightened. I blog because I am sad! I have to put all my pains and depression into writing than committing suicide because I am such a loser. My son KZ, who I think most of the time makes me decide to accept paid ads. So, don't be surprised why I was mad when I got a zero PR.

You would probably call me hypocrite if I say it's not all about money why I blog. I have to work my ass to support son. My parents are not helping me at all with my son, although I live freely in our house! You might see me very relaxed and happy but I am in vain. You just don't know how I feel and how worried I am where to get money to buy milk, diaper and medicines. I have to pawned my valuable items like my necklace, ring, ipod and my digi cam just to buy the needs of my son. (This is me! This is my life! I am not a FAKE! What you see is what you get.)
I am helping my family with our business but still I am trying my best to earn to support our needs. I was just lucky enough that I have gained tons of friends here and I will not forget Jade as one of the people who cleared my mind from too much pressure in my life.

When I was kid, I was an ugly duckling. I was commonly called negra and kurdapya. I feel so upset because I feel that I was really ugly in their eyes. But you know, time flies so fast and I have changed. I grew up and I have learned that beauty starts with in and the rest follows. With Jades' post about When Woman is not Feeling Very Beautiful, I feel that we share the same thoughts about feeling tired, stressed and too much pressure around. Pampering myself is the best medicine.

I am inviting you all to join the Fab Birthday Contest of Filipina Blogger.
She have tons of sponsors.

Jade, like I said, I am no good in rules and instructions but I hope this entry is acceptable.



Rosa said...

wow, goodluck on this contest! good review:)

David Funk said...


Thanks for sharing this very personal entry. I admire you for talking about this because not everyone can be this open and honest with themselves.

I have never had any problem with the way you write or who you are. I can't begin to think what you have to endure everyday in being a single parent to a very young son.

We all tend to be serious too much at times with blogging. However, I'm glad to see you recognize what it has done for you personally.

I'm very sorry for what you have put up with in your life, and can understand why you express your thoughts on a blog about them.

As I said, I admire you. I'm glad that I can at least play a small role in your life as a blogger friend. After reading this, it does give me more joy to know that I can make you laugh at times at some of the things I say.

I'll always hope for nothing but the best for you and your son.:)

Bill said...

Tammy i totally agree with David you are a very special and caring person. From what i have seen here you are very strong also and i respect that very much. I can see that you are a very caring and good mother to KZ also. I am glad that we met here and also take to give you support and encouragement when and where i can. You rock girl and am very proud to call you my friend and amiga. Never change girl. Stay strong. Give my hugs to KZ Chow

Jade said...

Wonderful post girl! You totally rock and I am sure time will come that you'd be earning money to support your son's needs.

Just hang on...I know you can do it! Wish you luck on the contest. Btw, your comment didn't appear, if you could comment again - para di ma count to;)

Have a fab week ahead!

djtammy said...

Jade, i have been posting a comment sa comment box mo but its not showing...

djtammy said...

Rosa, thank u :-)

djtammy said...

D, I was speechless last night that i was not able to write back a comment. Your msg makes me cry! I was hesitant to post it coz im being too honest.My life has become an open book...Anyway, i really appreciate the friendship, the laughs/jokes!

Thank you so much D

djtammy said...

Bill, no words can express how thankful i am to have u as friend. Thank u so much for everything :-)

Bill said...

Thanks Tammy I just try and speak from my heart. BTW i posted a post about the support for on my site. I hope it will help her. Stay strong Chica you rock. Hugs :=)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi djtammy, nice to know about you with this post. talagang pinakita mo ang totoong ikaw... i'm pretty sure you are a great mother to your son...May God shower you with more blessings.

Good luck girl ^_^

djtammy said...

Hi meryl, thank u so much. I really appreciate it. It makes me feel proud :-)

--chic-- said...

korek jud ka Tam..maau kau ka mag-talk..paspas pa jud ka mag-talk..hehehe..whoever said na ugly ka,L**** jud kaau ka..sureness na..ganahan kaau ko sa imoha magtanaw kay exotic jud imong beauty...goodluck sa contest..unta kadaug ka..hehehe

ako ra diay bisaya dri Tam..hehehe

djtammy said...

Chic, nalingaw ko sa imong comment :-) thank u kaau :-)