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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eye Ball with Friends In Davao City

My sister and I went to Davao City last Monday. We are so happy that Ate Edith was available to met us in Gaisano Mall. Of course, my fave friend Angie is always there to be with me every time I visit Davao City.

We had lunch at Chinese Dimsums

Meet Angie and Ate Edith

See you again next week



Free_Angie said...

Dako kaayo akoang ngisi ani na picture...^_^
Salamat Tam...You make my night...^_^
Maayo na lang kay nindot pagkakuha ang akoang nawong dre...Hehehe... ^_^

Sayang empty pa ang atuang mga plate...Hehe...^_^
See you next week ha,but don't forget na ang blogger shirt ha???
Ingat Miga...Hugs...^_^

Bill said...

Looks like you guys had fun but where is the food? Take care sweet lady. Hugs

Ruz said...

Cute talaga ni Ate Edith and ANgie! Hope to meet them again!

djtammy said...

Hi Gie, im not feeling well. Bka sa bad weather. im coughing, fever and my throat hurts kau :-(

i will see you next. Remind ko hah ..lolz lab u miga :-)

djtammy said...

Bill, our food comes late bill...lolz.. looking forward to met them again... and you too...when???

puadi said...

heuahuehuah nice my friend dj seems to me enjoy every nigth... remeber dont too much drink martini

Lindz said...

hi, isn't that great to meet your virtual friend, it makes the whole friendship thingey meaningful