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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cheers! Beer Pa Bai!

Do you believe that beer was the first/oldest and widely use alcoholic beverage?
Funny but did you know that beer ranks as third as most popular drink all over the world.
First was water then tea.

Yay! Model ng Beer!

Do I look drunk?



Bill said...

You dont look drunk. you look at beautiful as always. i see you are still wearing your wedding ring. Have a another beer for me. Hugs

djtammy said...

lolz...its not a wedding ring :-)

MarlyMS said...

Not quite. hehehe.

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djtammy said...

Hi Marly :-) Thanks for the hop in :-)

Free_Angie said...

Uy ang coffee diay ikapila hah?
Princess drunker...HAHAHA!!!

djtammy said...

Miga, kapila na ta nag kita wla pa jud tah naka toma.lolz

Blog said...

nope...not at all.. but i think someone had switched your beer glass ;)

stay pretty!