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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Solution to Our Tax Problem

We have been in the furniture business for 18 long years and counting. Last year, we opened our own business which is the apparel and shoes. Every end of the year, my mother is always busy with our ledger and I myself who is a university graduate do not have the knowledge about taxes. Maybe because it was out of my line and only the Tax Relief Specialist can answer all my queries. A lot of questions running through my mind. Who is illegible in paying tax? How does tax computed? Why do we need to pay taxes? Who is responsible in computing our tax? And questions are counting!

As I do my further reading about tax relief specialist. Business and individual are eligible for tax.
We have tax attorney and CPA who handles tax issues but they collect their usual and normal hourly rate for the daily business schedule. The good thing about tax relief specialist, they handle a numerous cases every week and they only charge per case basis. They also charge a flat fee for all cases. Once the payment was done, there will be no more fees to be collected.

Tax Relief Specialist offers different kinds of services. Payment plan, Bank Levy, Innocent Spouse, 941 Payroll Issues and a lot more.

IRS innocent spouse relief will surely work well for me. For couples like me, we have a join tax and if he failed to pay our tax together,I will be excuse for his mistakes. The innocent spouse rule was in place to excuse as innocent taxpayers from the associated tax debts, penalties and interest.

941 payroll deposit will work well in our business. This will cater the employee withholding tax. This was imposes upon businesses with employees. No more pressure for us because tax relief specialist will handle everything.



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Anonymous said...

This is an informative one. Hubby just got his tax relief or return tax. And it helps! Thanks for the info. Have a pleasant week!