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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thank You Angie :-)

I just got home from my Davao trip again.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my friend Angie. hehehe
Who is always there to help me most especially today that I am still sick.
She my gave my hand a soothing massage and she also put a cooking oil on my back. JOKE
Not a cooking oil but a different kind of oil. It is especially made for massaging! I feel relieved, I stop coughing. Unlike earlier, I was like a dog barking! Angie was making fun of me
She said, instead of Tammy, she will call me Toy Toy Toy! lolz
That is how we call a dog barking



anne said...

oi girl sige diay ka anhi davao hehehe kita sad ta beh lol hehehe happy saturday night girl

djtammy said...

Ate Anne, Kalimot ko ask sa imong number kay gus2 pod ka meet ni Ate Rosilie.hehehe

Next time na pod...hmmp, mga next again.lolz

Free_Angie said...

May post tungkol sa akin...Hehehe....^_^
Ulaw nako sa imo kay dghan nako og utang...Hehehe...

Wala pa gyud nako to nahuman og hilot,kulabg pa to Toy!!!
Aw Tam diay uy...Hehehe...
Thank you very much sa time...
I treasured it so much...^_^
Love you Miga...^_^

Bill said...

I forgot to tell you Tammy i give a very good massage myself hmmmm. I am glad you are feeling better. Hugs