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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Will You Marry Me?

Can you still remember when did your loving partner proposed?
Was it the sweetest wedding proposal?
Surprised with my title? I am not the one who's getting married.
Below are the picture during our Food Appreciation in Davao City.
We had a Zipline adventure and at the same time,
we witnessed the most romantic and unique wedding proposal ever!

The guy


This is the first time I have witnessed a wedding proposal. Not the usual scenario . Imagine, the guy proposed to Ms. Aileen during our Zipline Adventure.



Prettymom said...

wow.. the guy is really sweet...

Bill said...

Hola Tammy i seen and even more different proposal than that. One of my friends was getting married to he proposed to her while he was sky diving. I told him why dont you just get married also sky diving and he did it. Can you imagine a minister and man and women saying their vows in mid air what a rush LOL. I hope you and KZ and doing well take care friend. Hugs :-) ^_^

djtammy said...

Rose, sweet nga! gulat ako panu sya nag proposed! nakatali pa yung girl sa zip line..lolz

Bill, wow! really?!! i find it air diving for me :-)

badet said...

What a unique wedding proposal Tammy. I posted my husband's zip line adventure in Davao, sa Camp Sabros. Saang zip line to?

Free_Angie said...

Subrang amazing ng story...^_^
Never mong na mention yan ah...
Once in a life time mo lang ma witness yan...Suwerte mo at isa ka sa mga naka witness non...^_^

People do crazy things talaga when it comes to LOVE...^_^
Proven and true that world turn around because of the for letter words L-O-V-E ^_^

Hope you found your Soulmate at the right time...And do the crazy things that only LOVE can do...^_^

MommaWannabe said...

Wow ang sweet naman nito - kakatuwa. Ako di naman romantic ang aking hubby eh - he's more of a practical and straight forward guy.

Sana maka visit din me sa Davao sometime.