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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some People!

Happy Easter Sunday to all of my friends, readers, visitors and haters! LOLZ

I was so happy yesterday that finally, the long awaited ( problem of mind ) was solved. I first informed my friendship Maxi about it but I heard a shocking news from her. I was surprised of what I have read! Someone was attacking her because of her comment at Ron's Site. As we all know, we have our own personal issues and we write about it in our own blog. Other bloggers give comment but this was the first time I encounter such conversation. ( I am trying to be nice! hehehe ) But don't mess with my friends!!! amf If you have nothing nice to say to anybody, It would be better you just zip your mouth!

Maxi said:

another good topic here, Ron!

whatever way we look at this issue, there's no right reason to get into such a "career". there are so many women/teenagers who are chained into the reality of poverty. and yet, they don't engage into such a thing. they try to find some better ways to at least survive.

i personally know some women who aren't really poor. their parents even send them to these very expensive schools and yet they decide to get into prostitution just because they are not satisfied with the life they have... they want more. something i can't really comprehend.

anyway, nice post again, Ron!"

Reply of Ms. Anonymous
"April 08, 2009

Anonymous said...

"there's no right reason to get into such a "career". there are so many women/teenagers who are chained into the reality of poverty. and yet, they don't engage into such a thing. they try to find some better ways to at least survive."

Why does everyone assume this is such a 'wrong' profession? If it was regulated properly (ie: Taking out the pimps and letting the girls keep all the money) then it would be a valid way to make a living. It's all you religious nuts who make it so 'bad'.

"as long as there is poverty no one can stop prostitution" ... "if poverty is eradicated there will be no prostitution.

You're an idiot.

Poverty increases prostitution, but it's not the cause. The 'cause', and you make it sound like a disease, is as simple as market forces. Where there's demand, there will be a supply.

Stop looking on it as a problem and start looking on it as an opportunity. Forget your primitive superstitions (religion) and approach the problem with logic and common sense."

My friendship replied STILL in a nice way:

"April 10, 2009

maxiVelasco said...

hmm. ouch. anonymous here seems to be angry at me. well.. i respect his or her opinion. how i wish that he could have at least respect mine. this isn't a debate forumn i guess but an opportunity to express each and anybody's opinion.

am i an idiot? maybe... but honestly, i am not a very religious person at all. he should have at least looked into that before assuming that i am a religion fanatic.

well, i myself have gone through so much poverty especially when we discovered that my youngest brother was suffering from leukemia. most of the family's income went to his meds and treatments which almost was the reason for me to stop finishing my college education. but well, i never thought of selling myself just to get money. i somehow managed to finish college by working part time on a family friend's farm especially during the holidays and vacations.

anyway, i won't be explaining too much to mr./ms. anonymous here. not worth doing so i guess. i believe that no matter how much i explain my part, he'll still call me an idiot."

I was just wondering why she use anonymous??? Is there something to hide? Come out, come out

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Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Damn...whoever that Anonymous, she/he is such a loser...she/have a very NICE, IDIOTIC Logic... Grabe sad kaau xa makaingon og idiot oi... FOr sure that Anonymous is a He kay laban man sya sa mga prosti..mybe he have fU(k3d may of them already og giganahan xa..To Mr. Anonymous...get up..what do you think will the future of those young ladies? Hope u can read this comment here

Sorry about the words here ate Tammy, just can't help myself....

David Funk said...

Hi Tammy!

I'm with you saying that people shouldn't mess with our friends.

I left a comment on Ron's site about that this, and also you've probably seen what I said on Maxi's blog, too.

We're going to disagree over topics, but resorting to name-calling while under an anonymous comment says way more about that person than it ever will about Maxi.

Yep, I think it is time for the BWE CEO to address this! lolz

Happy Easter my wonderful friend!

MaxiVelasco said...

thank you Tamz for this post. i am honestly embarrassed because it seems that the issue is travelling all throughout the blogosphere already. hehe. but on the other hand, i am very touched knowing that there are friends like you and the others who show support not just to me but to all our blogger friends.

Tamz... thank you so much. i will surely hug you the first time i see you.. that's a promise!

have a great day Tamz... mwah mwha

ROSILIE said...

Indeed, blog is a way of free expression but this shows that it is free of criticisms too. I had that bad opinion from an anonymous on a different issue. It is truly hurting but some people are idiot themselves. Hahhahahah!

Prostitution is always a choice. We see it in different perspective especially if relegion or economics is at stake. BUt, I would rather find another odd decent job. I guees, some people would rather want an easy way for easy money. Then, it is their choice too. BUt, anonymous had made a good point about the real cause of prostitution only that I dont agree with him calling maxi an idiot. Grrrr!

sweet_shelo said...

Oh my.. grabe ba ni ba gang.. tama c maxi gang naa man ta right tanan mo voice out sa ato opinion.. if unsa ato opinion i post nato dili kay manghilabot ta sa ubang opinion na tawagon pa idiot ang uban. tsk, tsk, dili maayo gang.

djtammy said...

Chie, hahaha...wla jud ka naka pugong! I tried to control my mouth...hehehe

Anyway, the first time i heard about this..nakapag mura na rin ako..hehehe

D,Maxi doesnt deserved it!I read your comments on both sites...hehehe

I cant wait to see maxi on the ring side with anonymous...hehehe

I will be the round girl...lolz

djtammy said...

We are just here to support you always.

Te Rose, i agree na it's a choice. Anonymous can say anything she wants to say about prostitution but calling someone an idiot, hindi na tama yun!

Gang, maka fungot kau noh...ok lang mag react sya about sa issue pero manawag og idiot..murag sobra na man sya...affected kau sya..ngano man??? ato cguro iyang career..lolz

Bill said...

I am with you Tammy nobody better mess with my friends. Everybody has there own opinions and if you are going to comment have the dignity to put your name so they can respond. Dont hide in a corner. Tammy is a very nice lady and deserves more respect than this.

anne said...

Nah girl kaning anonymous mga talawan ni nga mga tawo mao nang dili magpakita. haay na lang life aning some other people sigeg panghilabot bah