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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chatroom for Single Parent Like Me

When I was younger, I was always thinking of having a family that I can call my own. I always wanted a perfect life together with my husband and kid. It never came into my mind that I will become a single parent. It is not a sin to become one but I feel sad for my kid. He will grow up without a father.

After I gave birth with my precious son KZ, I started chatting but I can't find the right chat room for me. Maybe because I can't deal with some people who does not have the same scenario with me. I was happy when I found a new site called Single Parent Chat City. I personally joined the chat room. I was able to met couple of single parents. It was fun to be with them. We share common thoughts about our kids and past life with our ex-husband and after the conversation, I feel great because I was able to release all my unwanted feelings.

Single Parent Chat Room is for FREE. No registration! Members who register have the full and instant access to all single parents chat room. They also have Single Parent women chat lines and Single Parent video chat rooms. I feel great when I become a member of Single Parent Chat City. What are you waiting for? Be one of us now!


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