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Friday, April 3, 2009

Smart Blogger Award

Wooohooo! It looks like I am graduating with high honors with this award! Smart blogger?! Mr. D, are you sure I pass the qualifications for this award?

Thank you so much for this gold medal Mr. D! So proud to have this kind of award.

The rules:

1. Link the one who gave this award and let them know you posted it.

2. Pass this to as many Smart Bloggers as you can think and make sure to write something about them, like what makes you think they are Smart.

3. Let them know they have an Award.

Now, I would like to pass this award to all my smart blogger friends:

Bill- for me, his comment counts! Witty man! Proud husband of a Pinay!
Shelo- recently met friend, YM buddy, smart enough to figure out the SP and never fail to help me.
Rose, Rosemarie and FE--- i just love their works. two thumps for their layout designs.
Chuchie- Young, married, student and trying to become the best wife for his hubby. A layout artist who made my other blog design.
Sudha- the first person who became my friend hee in blog. My first award from her makes me inspired to blog more.
Star- not just a blogging friend but close to our hearts! We talked anything under the sun (in person) her daughter Vyne- her words/post are very impressive. Smart girl!
Angie- i hope this time she is not busy..hehehe! I met her in Davao City once. I don't know what will I do with my life without her. I was not good in remembering things and she was smart enough to remember my short comings!

I would like to mention: Ate Mary Anne, Mommy elvz, Mommy Eden, Mommy Alf, and Mommy Dhemz



Bill said...

Hi Tammy thanks for the award. I also think of you as a very smart and intelligent lady who is very beautiful. Where did you send email,myspace or tazzman? I will post this soon thanks my friend you rock.

sweet_shelo said...

Hi Gang, wow thanks for this. I thought awards or medals are only for the graduating students now.. hehe

Love you gang. I know you are so busy..miss u..

Free_Angie said...

Subrang Amazing ang imong comment sa ako..Overwhelming....^_^
Ulaw na ayo ko sa imo kay ikaw gyud ang daghan award na nahatag sa akoa...Hehehe...
Busy ayo ko Tam...Doing nothing...

Dami kong gusto ipost clumsy lang ayo ko...Waaaa...
You know what?
Isa ka sa mga naga pa inspire sa akoa magblog...
You never miss a day na walay message nimo...
Since naka kabloggan tah...(Kaibigan sa Blog).
Salamat kaayo Tam...^_^

Wala gyud ko nasisi na ikaw akoang giuna og met,bago akoang trabaho atong Last Monday(March 30,2009)...
Hehehe..Dili nako na kalimtan na date...

Daghan Salamat sa awards...
Hinay hinayan nko na og kuha...Hehehe....
I LOVE YOU Miga...^_^
(sabay Hug)

alf said...

i saw my name. happy happy joy joy.
thanks! enjoy and keep smiling.

David Funk said...

LOL! Yeah, I'll never make the mistake of saying you're not smart.

You are indeed a smart and beautiful woman. Besides, the idea you had to post a calendar with you on it was a great one. Not to mention, you are talented as well.

Congrats on the much deserved award my dear friend!

Mommy Elvz said...

wow i was mentioned here! Thanks Tammy :)

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

aw oh..naa man diay koy award dri..hehehe cge te im grabbing it now..thanks sa reminder te ha hehehe..

djtammy said...

Bill, thank you so much.hehehe. Flattered :-)I send the email at tazzman.

Shelo, feeling graduate ko ani sa award gang :-) been busy and super stress. So cold sa mall and im always chillin! feel like im getting sick sa coldness :))

Angie, akong miga na taga Davao. thank u so much atong monday. See you again soon. Love u so much miga.

Ate Alf, yes included ka...

Mr. D, glad it was meant for me :)) I thought u made a mistake.lolz
whew! smart and beautiful???salamat po.hehehe

Mommy Elvz, yes kasama ka po..hehehe

Chie, grab hah! muah...mag summer class ka ba? goodluck! muah

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Hello ate Tammy, sis, ngstart na among summer class..kaulaw kau ko oi kay hagbong kog think english speaking me dri sa among balay hehehehehe back-out man ko ako teacher gud, di nako carry iyang katerror. I am done posting the award na te..thanks a lot ha for sharing it with me..kaflatter kau ang messae nimu dri for me