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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby Yourself: Taking Care of Your Emotional Needs

As a mother of six month old baby, I have been experiencing emotional weary. A lot of things have been running though my mind and a lot of questions that needs an answer.
But sometimes, it makes me feel sick when I have no one to talk to at night about my emotional problem. I realized that I need few things to remember:
Talk about your feelings. Express your emotions instead of keeping them bottled up. Don't be afraid to let other know what's causing you concern. You'll be better able to deal with your emotions if you get them out in the open.

Take breaks. You may fee so attached to your baby, you'll wonder if the two of you still connected by an invisible umbilical cord. Take a break from your baby now and then to remember how it feels to be yourself.

Just say no! If you don't feel like doing something, politely say no. If you don't feel up to having friends or family over, don't. If your mother is being too pushy, gently ask her to back off. It will will help you feel more control of your life.
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