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Monday, February 9, 2009

A New Place to Hang Out Online

I was fond of chatting and as a matter of fact, I have been chatting online for more than ten years now. I have been to different sites and different chat rooms but no good. I found this new Free LDS Chat a very useful website to meet and chat people online.

They have different kinds of chat rooms.
First is the LDS Chat Room. This is for a Mormon chat. Isn't it wonderful? We can actually meet other church members online . We can talk about gospel and teen discussion is also included in this room. To become a member , all you have to do is register and it is absolutely free of charge. Unlike other websites that collects membership fee.

There are a lot of things that I like in LDS chat room that I want to share with you. First, the LDS standards of conduct and language required. Imagine, nobody or no one can just curse you if you don't want to talk. Unwanted words are not allowed in the LDS chat room. Whew! That is one good news to me. Second, LDS offers a clean chat only. Clean and fun chat for sure. I know all of you are sick and tired reading those rude and dirty messages on chat boards. lastly, it is a family friendly website. It simply means, is it not just for single like me but the entire family could actually register. Remember it is FREE and the bonus is, it has games, free chat and not to forget the forums that is for all ages.

They also have chat room for singles network and the LDS passion. Check it out!This is a one new website to hang out.


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