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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something is Missing in My Life

I was reading mails this morning and I realize, I have been so bad but not mean. I have hurt people from the past. I don’t actually mean it; circumstances occur that I cannot stop it. I tried looking for loop holes, I tried defending on other people but I lose myself in the process.

I always wanted to be happy but I cannot find the peace that I am looking. Then I realize something is missing. Even if I have my family with me, I have lots of friends still something is really missing in my life.

Last December, the Soccsksargen bloggers invited me to their Christmas party. According to the organizer, bring your own gift but no food and figurine. I was surprise when I received a Mother and Child figurine. I think Borgee bought it in a Christian Gift Store.

Everytime I feel so bad that I wanted to cry, I just look at Mama Mary and Jesus. I know, right from there. It is God that is missing in my life. I haven’t visited the church for so long and with the mysterious 10 that is happening to me and to KZ, we really need his guidance.



About Me said...

Natamaan ako dito ah...Your a lot like me...Kaya pala talaga something is missing in my life because I'm trying to run away from the Loving hands of God.
I do hurt other people too.
But not intentionally.
I'm just searching for happiness,but that happiness is shallow,still feel empty.
So its time for reflection again.
We can walk hand on hand Tammy...
Thanks sa pagbisita palagi sa blog ko.Sorry if minsan di ko masagot comments mo.
Someday magkikita din tayo.
Promise... ^_^

Forgetful Princess said...

Hi Angie. I miss you girl. How are you? Love to hear from you :-) Looks like we have a lot in common.

You take care always. Be strong.

God Bless you :-)

xoxoxo tammy