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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For The First Time

Finally, for the first time I have reached 300 per day! hahaha
I was lazy to drop EC because of slow connection but today, I started early so I can reach atleast 100 but oh goodness, I did not noticed I have reached 300 per day. I was more eager to drop and I was waiting what would be next after the 300 per day. hehehe



Budiawan Hutasoit said...

hi tammy,
congrats..finally you did it.
btw, if you still eager to drop - while you had reached 300 - you may help to drop my EC.. :-)

Forgetful Princess said...

wahhhh.. i tried dropping after i reached 300. that is the last..i thought there is something more like 400 per day ..lolz

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Way to go! Maybe one day I'll get there too. :)

Forgetful Princess said...

@Storm, Thanks for dropping by. It's easy. Imagine, there are bloggers who have 3 to 4 account but they can manage to reach that 300 drops a can do it also...hehehe

Anonymous said... too just finished dropping 300 ec and it was fulfilling..hehehe

djtammy said...

Fidelity, diba it makes u feel good. It's like an achievement. lolz