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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Zenni Optical in the NYT!

I have worked for the call center for two years and working at the graveyard shift was the worst thing ever happen to me. My eyes hurt most of the time and I can hardly see most especially when the light hit or strikes my eyes.

I went to see an eye specialist because I was so worried about it. She covered my right eye for one week and after that she told me that I should wear an eye glasses now. Oh boy! I hate eye glasses. For me, wearing an eye glasses makes me look nerd and old.

I am so glad I found this article in NYT about Zenni Optical. Isn’t it amazing? Zenni Optical is on The New York Times. I can’t believe it, imagine I don’t have to spend too much for the contact lenses just to see straight and the good thing is, I don’t have to touch the savings of my child just to be stylish. I am broke! I admit it! That is why I am after of a low cost prescription glasses that fits my style.

A choosy client like me, I will surely like the stylish frames that Zenni Optical sells. They offer a wide selection of prescription glasses online from $8.

Check out this frame that I like most. Isn't it cute? Pretty sure I won’t look old with this eye glasses from Zenni Optical. By the way, you must be wondering why they are selling the frames at low prices. They manufactured their own frames and sell it direct to the customers.

I will surely place my order now.


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