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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Can You Spot The Difference???

I went to Davao City last week, I was a bit surprised when I saw MANDARIN TEA GARDEN (Uyanguren)-------->>>this way

I followed the arrow because it was my Fave Chinese Restaurant. I ordered : Mandarin vegetables, Hakao and Mango Shake :-)

Take a look at the food they served me :-) can you tell me whats wrong with the vegetables??? :-)

This is just one order, I took pics in different angle :-)This was during lunch time :-)

After 30 minutes of looking at the food. This is what I left from my table :)) I didn't actually ate my order. What a waste of money!I went home to GenSan with a hungry tummy :))grrrr

I arrived past 5pm here in GenSan. I decided to eat because I was really hungry. My sister and I ordered the same menu at MANDARIN TEA GARDEn @ KCC MALL

Take a look at my Mandarin Vegetables :-) Isn't it inviting? This was dinner time.We didn't stop eating until the plate was empty.

Be honest, can you tell me what was wrong with my 1st order?



reanaclaire said...

my opinion.. the first dish was more appetising than the 2nd.. the 2nd vege dish looked yellowish..overcooked.. so not fresh..whereas the first dish looked green enough..
am i wrong?

djtammy said...

U got me confused..hehehe...

the 2nd set of photos was the green one...the 1st set of photos was the over cooked--is this what u mean?