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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Be an XML Superstar

While I was taking up my baccalaureate degree in Education, I took some units in Computer Science. I was quite amazed by how we solved problems through various programming languages.

But as technology paces faster, so are programming languages. Today, the programming languages I have known from college are considered obsolete already. I have come to know XML programming too. I wish to learn this so I can upgrade my blog and do more website designing. So, I tried joining the programming contest for XML superstars. But before I could actually join to their contest, I was asked to answer their quick quiz of five questions. And as expected, I only scored 2 out of 5. What a shame!

This contest is for all interested students and professionals who have the skills and knowledge in XML and DB2 programming. They can join in their five - contest categories:

1. Video Contest
2. Gadget Contest
3. Query Contest
4. Ported App Contest 1
5. XML2 Contest

More importantly, you can assemble your own team to help you through the contest.

Even if I only scored 2, I can still join. Perhaps, joining a Video Contest would be the easiest way! Good luck to all interested applicants.


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