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Thursday, February 19, 2009

PR Dropped to ZERO

Oh great!!! After the troubles with the web hosting and now my PR dropped to ZERO. Just curious, who actually decide for the PR ranking? Why does PR drop?




Nilz said...

Oh! That's sad! But we can do really nothing about that! Earlier I used to worry a lot! Thanks to Chrome (Google)! They do not let you see PR! Got rid of all worries now!

BTW! Photos are cute!

djtammy said...

They said, PR dropped because of paid reviews.

Thanks for dropping by Nilz.

See you around.

maxi said...

hmm. i have a friend living in the US. she's been earning a lot doing paid reviews... 1000US dollars (minimum per month) and her PR went even one more rank higher. so, it's not because of paid reviews I guess.i can still see that you PR's 2. will check it for you

by the way, from gensan ka? i worked there for 2 years. sa st. elizabeth hospital. it was great to be there.

maxi said...

hmm. yup. it's zero at the moment. but according to pagerank prediction tools, it will be back to 2 (not sure when) maybe by can check it here:

hope it helps

maxi said...

by the way, baka naman it dropped kasi yung link mo sa ibang blogs eh binura nila. others kasi super sinungaling. they will ask you for exlinks. tapos, after sometime, they will erase your link. meaning, mababawasan ang link popularity mo. or di kaya, if they change their layouts, lahat ng links sa blogroll nila eh automatically burado agad. so check them out. baka victim ka ng mga manggagamit. kung tinanggal ka nila sa blogroll nila, leave them a message to remind them about the exlinks na napagkasunduan. kapag after sometime, di parin nila binabalik link mo, burahin mo rin sila.

djtammy said...

Hi Maxi. Thanks Hah! Naku, iba-iba yata tlga reason why PR dropped. Thanks sa info...mga ungas na yun...delete ko nga sila sa list ko...hehehe

Mga userrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :))

maxi said...

oo nga. actually, kahapon, nagdelete ako ng 4 kasi tinanggal nila ang link ko sa blogroll nila. i waited for 2 weeks tapos, di parin nila binabalik. puro promise lang nang promise. naku ha. they benefit from the linkbank they get from me tapos sila, ayaw akong iadd sa blogroll nila. di pwede yun!

hindi ko nga maintindihan kung bakit ang damot ng iba. nakakainis nga eh

djtammy said...

im not pointing to anybody or anyone hah but i guess ganun na yata tlga yun...only few who actually shares the secret to blogging.